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[Interview] Hitbox Team on Dustforce

Posted under Interviews, and News by Ronnie Lloyd on Saturday, February 25th, 2012 -

Gaming Dead: So first things first, how was Hitbox Team formed?

Lexie: One day Woodley and I moved into a shed and started prototyping. one of those prototypes was Dustforce, It went on to win the $100,000 grand prize at indiePub’s 2010 competition. This gave us enough money to bring Matt and Terence on board and turn Dustforce into the game you see today.

GD: What are some of the influences for your work? How did it affect your goals for Dustforce?

Lexie: The games N, Nikujin, and Super Smash Brothers were big inspirations. We wanted to make a game that captured movement and speed with flow and elegance. If you watch a pro play those games, the fluidity looks really impressive.

GD: A game about janitors seems a little random. Why did you guys choose janitors as the protagonists?

Woodley: Lex and I had always talked about wanting to make an agile, fast paced platformer. I was sweeping leaves off the path at my uncle’s house in Texas and the idea came to me. It wasn’t quite Dustforce until we came back to the idea a lot later, but the core idea of having to clean the surfaces was the same, so having janitors seemed fitting.

GD: The game has only been out for about a week now, but how do you feel about the reception that Dustforce has received?
Terence: We are pretty excited that people are enjoying the game. Our goal was to reach out to a specific type of gamer: the kind that enjoys being challenged and wants to improve himself in order to be a master at the game. We do get some complaints about the games difficulty, but our design goal from the beginning was to tie the progress of the game to the progress of the player’s skill. We are adding in some changes to make the game more accessible though.

GD: Are there any plans for a release on consoles?

Terence: Not yet – we are still working on other features, like more levels, the level editor, and Mac and Linux versions, so we still have a lot on our plates.

GD:Now that Dustforce has been completed, what does the future hold for Hitbox Team?

Terence: There’s still lot of things left to do on Dustforce, but we are eager to start on some new projects. We haven’t decided what it is yet, but we want to do something 3D.

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