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[EXCLUSIVE] NASA’s JPL Teams Up to Take Us to the Final Frontier in Terra Ex

Oct 15 2013 - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is teaming up with game industry creative to help Kickstart "Terra Ex," a forthcoming "4X" online, browser-based game in which players will explore space, expand their territory, exploit extraterrestrial resources, and ... Read More

[GD at SDCC 2013] Loot Crate Unboxed: A Curated Subscription Box for Geeks and Gamers

Jul 22 2013 -   If you could put the experience of San Diego Comic-Con International into a box, what would that box look like? Matt Arevalo and Chris Davis of subscription box service Loot Crate think they have ... Read More

TiltWorld Game for iOS is Simple, Does Good

Feb 02 2013 - Imagine the easiest-to-play game ever. What does it look like? To me, XeoPlay’s iPhone and iPod touch game TiltWorld is that game. It lives up to its name: all you do to play the game is ... Read More

[Interview] Hitbox Team on Dustforce

Feb 25 2012 - Gaming Dead: So first things first, how was Hitbox Team formed? Lexie: One day Woodley and I moved into a shed and started prototyping. one of those prototypes was Dustforce, It went on to win ... Read More

[Review+Interview] Stair Dismount by Secret Exit

Jan 05 2010 - With tens of thousands of apps and a constant influx of new titles, it would be an understatement to say that Apple’s App Store has become somewhat of a competitive market. Secret Exit, despite making ... Read More

[Interview] JumpGate Evolution’s Hermann Peterscheck

Dec 21 2009 - Not long after our interview with Hermann Peterscheck, the Lead Producer of JumpGate Evolution, we found out that he was leaving the company. While we had plenty of questions about that, we were also unsure ... Read More

[Interview] Chris Park of Arcen Games Talks AI War, Indie Strategy and Post-Launch Support

Dec 09 2009 - Amazing news folks, Gaming Dead recently had the opportunity to pull away Chris Park–head honcho of Arcen Games–from his work long enough to pick his brain on a few topics. Even better, he was kind ... Read More

[Interview] Audio Director Rob King

Nov 08 2009 - Today’s interview is with audio extraordinaire Rob King, whose credits on over 100 games include such titles as Quantum of Solace, Fable 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, the entire Heroes of Might and Magic series and ... Read More

[Interview] Game Developer: Juicy Beast

Nov 08 2009 - A while back I did a little review of a game called Gobtron. Seeing how awesome my review was, the creators of Gobtron, Juicy Beast, were more than delighted to give me a one-on-one personal ... Read More

[Interview] VO Actress/Anime Producer Stephanie Sheh

Oct 30 2009 - Yesterday, I was lucky enough to interview Stephanie Sheh, a talented actress and producer in anime and video games. Her resume is extensive, and her video game credits include Odin Sphere, Tales of the Abyss, ... Read More