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[EXCLUSIVE] NASA’s JPL Teams Up to Take Us to the Final Frontier in Terra Ex

Oct 15 2013 - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is teaming up with game industry creative to help Kickstart "Terra Ex," a forthcoming "4X" online, browser-based game in which players will explore space, expand their territory, exploit extraterrestrial resources, and ... Read More

Idea Factory Expands Operations Into Los Angeles, California!

Sep 30 2013 - Another job post?  I’m a fan of themes. Idea Factory, best known for their insanely difficult role-playing games (Spectral Force series, Blazing Souls, Record of Agarest War), animation , and social applications, has expanded operations ... Read More

Looking for Work? Ubisoft is Hiring in Quebec City!

Sep 30 2013 - There are only three things I know about Canada.  Degrassi Jr. High, The Kids in the Hall, and the fact that Ubisoft is hiring. According to an article on Gamespot, Ubisoft plans to spend over ... Read More

Rape: Is It Appropriate… in Video Games? (Part 2)

Sep 30 2013 - In an interview with Denis Wedin at Rock, Paper, Shotgun, he responds to the controversial scene in Dennaton Games’ Hotline Miami 2 by saying that sexual assault wasn’t handled well in the demo, and that the ... Read More

Sad News for “Shadow of the Eternals” Supporters

Sep 29 2013 - News has been reported by Sophie Prell of Joystiq that the upcoming sequel to popular Gamecube sleeper Eternal Darkness will be temporarily put on hiatus so that members of the team can focus on other ... Read More

Rape: Is It Appropriate… in Video Games? (Part 1)

Sep 29 2013 - No. Okay, moving on…  man, this is a short post! Oh wait, I actually have to have an opinion on the subject… I may be a little late in posting this one after the news ... Read More

38 Studios IP and Assets are Currently Up for Auction

Sep 29 2013 - Fans of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning can hold onto a shred of hope that there may, in fact, be a sequel, according to a GamesIndustry.biz article. Heritage Global Partners, who now hold all of 38 ... Read More

New Steam Home Console Controller Revealed!!!

Sep 28 2013 - Valve’s new upcoming Steam Machines has us all a little interested, as they have finally revealed that there is, in fact, a video game console being created by the company! Steam Machines, as they are ... Read More

China Lifts 13-Year Ban on Video Game Console Sales

Sep 28 2013 - China has finally buckled down and decided to eliminate the embargo on the video games industry that once kept mass video games distribution from entering the mainland, according to David Hinkle of Joystiq. Since 2000, ... Read More

Square Enix Team With Psyonix to Piss Off “Legacy of Kain” Fans with Upcoming “Nosgoth”

Sep 28 2013 -   Remember that vampire fable created by Crystal Dynamics called Legacy of Kain that spawned four sequels?  No? That’s okay, the game is old enough to be in high school right now.  If you actually ... Read More