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Linkin Park’s New Upcoming Facebook Game “LP Recharge” Will Support Sustainable Energy Efforts!

Aug 23 2013 - It starts with one… One concentrated effort to create a game that will raise money for charity. Linkin Park, who have achieved success with a best selling record at an early age, have cemented themselves ... Read More

“Akaneiro: Demon Hunters” Just Released on Steam, But Is It Worth the Purchase?

Jun 21 2013 - I’ve only played the game to the third level in its free-to-play browser version, so keep that in mind while reading this review. I really miss cel-shading for TV shows that blend in 2D hand-drawn ... Read More

Skara: The Blade Remains, A Developer’s Dream!

Jun 16 2013 - Game development is an incredibly difficult process, compounded by mounting deadlines, unrealistic expectations, and video game stock holders who will only see the fruits of other peoples’ labor.  Those programmers and art designers who have ... Read More

Survival Horror Back From The Dead: 13 Horror Games for 2013 and Beyond! (Part II)

May 17 2013 - PREVIOUS PAGE …and we’re winding down to the last six games on this list.   Check them out below! 6. Resident Evil: Revelations Capcom has released a slew of Resident Evil titles lately, which has created ... Read More

Survival Horror Back From The Dead: 13 Games for 2013 and Beyond! (Part I)

May 16 2013 - NEXT PAGE The survival horror genre has been falling down on its last legs for a few years now, with major developers trying to broaden their appeal to a wider audience with action-oriented clones of ... Read More

OGPlanet’s La Tale: Storm Electrifies Free-to-Play Gaming

May 10 2013 - Watch out, kids!  MMORPG’s are going to be big this season! OGPlanet, the independent game designers that brought you SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, Rumble Fighter, and the upcoming Tactical Intervention (developed with Counter Strike’s co-creator ... Read More

New Resident Evil: Revelations Trailer For Wii U, New Video Blog, and Contest for Free Swag!

May 07 2013 - Developers at Capcom today have just released a new trailer showcasing a few features available for the upcoming Wii U port for Resident Evil: Revelations, a title currently available on the Nintendo 3DS. Though Resident ... Read More

Atlus and XSEED Have a Love-Child Named Marvelous

May 07 2013 - Aww… love. Everybody!  Raise your glasses for the expansion of XSEED games and the acquisition of Atlus Online! Screen and trailer for upcoming Suda51 title “Killer is Dead” XSEED, responsible for such titles as the ... Read More

Marriage, Murder, and Revenge… in Time and Eternity: New Screens and Gameplay Trailer

May 06 2013 - Prinny, dudes! Stop sexually harassing me with your thoughts, narrator!!! From the developers that brought you the awesome (and funny) Disgaea (my personal favorite), as well as other great JRPG’s and titles such as the Etrian ... Read More

Game Developer Teaches a Lesson About Piracy

May 02 2013 - We’ve all heard it a million times. The big names in any media industry complain about internet piracy but can never seem to stop it, and often make things worse. One independent developer decided to ... Read More