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PAX Prime 2013: Rekoil Impressions

Posted under Featured by Erik Johnson on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 -

Chris Hayes, one of our podcast hosts and PAX Prime 2013 team members, writes on his hands-on impressions of Plastic Piranha’s recently Steam Greenlight-approved multiplayer shooter, Rekoil.

When you have first person shooters with leveling systems, guns reserved for those who spend countless hours playing, and kill-streak rewards that make matches one sided, Rekoil felt very natural to jump into. Rekoil is a first person shooter from 505 games that gets rid of the minimap, the level progression, and restrictions on weapons, and lets gamers go at each other on a level playing field. From the get go all players have access to all weapons, meaning that everyone has the same chance of dominating a map as everyone else.

As someone who is so-so in shooters, and doesn’t have the time to get the best gun in the world, this allowed me to jump in and go toe to toe with everyone else. Watching someone fly back comically when I laid loose on them, helped keep it slightly in the absurd but drove me to want to see more. The maps and graphics took me back to some of the older style shooters just letting me focus on the game at hand. I almost didn’t go through with my interview because I was having so much fun. The only reason I had to stop was because I got the old FPS nauseousness that comes with PC based shooters.

Inspiration for the game came from the developers playing matches with pro Call of Duty 4 players who would set their matches to remove all the distractions such as kill streaks, minimaps, and everything else giving you just the hunt or be hunted sense of the game. Coming to the PC and the Xbox 360, general matches such as capture the briefcase, team and normal deathmatch and a few others make an appearance. However what really had me intrigued was the description of the Hidden mode. The idea is that one person has invisibility that is slightly distorted, a knife, and some grenades. Everyone else has their normal arsenal and has a goal to take out the invisible person. Take out the hidden, and you take on their power.

Highly recommended for those that like classic style FPS games.


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