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PAX Prime 2013: Interview with Zombie Studios and Blacklight Retribution Gameplay

Posted under Featured by Erik Johnson on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 -

Janessa Olson — part of our PAX Prime 2013 ground team — gives her impressions on Zombie Studios upcoming free-to-play FPS, Blacklight Retribution. We also scored a live interview with Zombie’s Jared Gerritzen as well as a look at some gameplay footage:

These days, first-person shooters are a dime a dozen. In order to differentiate from the rest, you have to bring unique qualities to your game while maintaining the familiar FPS standards. Originally released a year ago on PC, Blacklight stands out from your typical FPS by adding extreme customization options to your weapons and armor, down to cute charms you can add to your AK47. For each change you make, certain stats will increase or decrease; effectively letting you create your own class of character with the strengths and weaknesses you want them to have.

Blacklight is free-to-play, offering micro-transactions in the form of weapon unlocks, upgrades, and maps. Zombie Studios hopes to have Blacklight become a regular title in pro-gaming competitions, and have made the game to accommodate frequent requests of online FPS gamers, both pro and recreational. Built on the Unreal 3 engine, Blacklight is one of the games I enjoyed most at PAX thus far. The weapons took a few seconds to render when I was equipping my character, once the match loaded, the art style looked very similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution (except, less gold). Hitting R1 equips a visor that allows players to scan the area for enemies, teammates, and drop points. While you can’t fire your gun while your visor is equipped, it gives you a good idea of your surroundings and how to go about navigating the map.

With a release date set for November, be sure to check out this unique online FPS if you pick up a PS4 this fall.

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