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PAX Prime 2013: Dying Light Interview and Gameplay Impressions

Posted under Featured by Erik Johnson on Friday, September 6th, 2013 -

Chris Hayes, one of our podcast hosts and PAX Prime 2013 team members, writes on his hands-on impressions of Techland’s upcoming zombie shooter, Dying Light. We also scored an interview with Techland developer Tymon Smektala and a look at the gameplay footage as well:

Never have I heard during a demo someone screams so loudly, “I don’t want to play this anymore,” and the reasoning is from pure terror. Dying light is the next gen zombie game that should be on your radar if it isn’t already. Set 3 months after the zombie outbreak (outbreak reason was not revealed) you are among a set of survivors trying to make it through each day. While this sounds like each and every other zombie game out there already, there are some epic changes that make this game intense and fun.

First off, it was quick to be known that climbing up walls was simple and could be done anywhere you could reach. This means that you don’t run into the parts of the environment with the press button to climb message each time, as well as the screen doesn’t center on the middle of what you climb. It is a smooth transition while you flee for your ever loving life.

Like Dead Rising, when it turns to night, the zombies become more vicious and crazy. They also become a lot faster and aware of you. Watching the main character sprint back to the safe house was like watching that crazy point in the murder movie, where big giant zombies are bursting through doors, coming at you, and pausing for a breath is not an option. Using your flashlight to daze the zombies, as well as the traps you can only hope that in the mad dash for your life, you can stall them long enough to get away. Add in the intense moans from the zombies and the random screams, and you got yourself a damn good game.

Now this game is not all about the zombies as other humans are also vying for survival. During our demo, we noticed a blue dot on the minimap. What we were told was that a crucial aspect of survival in the game is the random airdrops left by the military to assist those fending for themselves. If you see one you have to drop everything and sprint because other groups of humans may get there first. Like Discovery Channel’s The Colony, the other survivors may not always be friendly or looking out for your best interest.

The final thing that must not be looked over was not a mode shown, but one that was announced recently. In Demon Soul’s fashion, other players can take the roll of a Zombie going after other players. As the zombies progress, they level up and take on more powers and moves. This puts a whole new dynamic on the game because the human player will not be anywhere near as predictable as the NPCs.

Unfortunately we have to wait for next year to get our hands on this gem, but it will be available on both current and next gen Xbox and Playstation systems as well as on the PC.

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