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Bethesda Wants Microsoft to Drop XBL Gold Fee for Elder Scrolls Online

Aug 31 2013 - Bethesda is in a tough spot with their upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only will the game feature a monthly subscription fee, but it will also use an in-game store to drum up ... Read More

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“Don’t [Play Videogames], You’ll Be Dumb Like the Rest of These Idiots” Says Rockies First Base Coach

Aug 31 2013 - Have you seen this video?  It’s been making the rounds lately. So, apparently, video games make you lazy.  Or, maybe, only lazy people play video games.  Pretty easy to demonize an entire group of people ... Read More

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Nintendo Opts to Release 2DS, 3DS Without 3D?

Aug 31 2013 - I suppose we all saw this one coming. With parents completely afraid of the 3DS’s potential problem with, you know, completely obliterating their childrens’ eyes (it’s an exaggeration), Nintendo has had somewhat of a difficult ... Read More

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Gaming Dead Podcast: PAX Prime Day 1

Aug 31 2013 - In the latest episode of the Gaming Dead Podcast we discuss several games that we demoed on the first day of PAX Prime. Check it out below (or directly on SoundCloud). Games highlighted in this episode: ... Read More

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Safety From Illnesses in Virtual Reality is Now Up for Discussion!

Aug 30 2013 - Technology has made a ton of soaring leaps and bounds recently, especially with the Oculus Rift looming over the horizon, but at what cost? According to co-founder Palmer Luckey and Vice President Nate Mitchell at ... Read More

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Steam Greenlight Knocks 75% Off Large List of Titles!

Aug 29 2013 - Hey!  Download Steam now!  You get a lot of games for cheap and sometimes free! Steam turns 1 year old today!  Yay!  Birthday cake and memories for everyone!  Probably! In an effort to promote both ... Read More

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EA Raises $10.5 Billion+ for Charity, Showcases Future of Video Games Distribution!

Aug 29 2013 - Yes, you read the title right.  EA raised over 10 billion dollars (that’s 9 zeroes) through their latest joint venture for Humble Bundle. This is what the future can hold for digital distribution in the ... Read More

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Square-Enix is More Invested in Player Experience and Video Game Longevity

Aug 27 2013 - According to an article on Games Industry, Square-Enix is now looking at the possibility of building community and fan appreciation as a part of their new business model. The company is now realizing that older ... Read More

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New “Dragon’s Prophet” Trailer Shows Gameplay Footage…

Aug 27 2013 - Yes.  Gameplay footage.  Much like how people have already seen gameplay footage on other sites already.  It’s like they’re trying to debutPong for the first time in 2013.  Look!  Never before seen footage of this ... Read More

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“Dark Souls 2: The Forging of a Hero” Behind the Scenes Footage

Aug 25 2013 - Those who have played the original Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls can rest assured that this game will be just as challenging as its forefathers with a new Behind the Scenes look at Stephane of ... Read More

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