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EA Reduces Criterion Staff to a Minimum

Sep 12 2013 - Criterion Games, the developers responsible for groundbreaking hits like the Burnout franchise, Black, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, have been reduced to a small team of 16 developers from a staff of 65. What ... Read More

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Obama’s Cabinet Pursuing Patent Trolls, Nintendo Wins!

Sep 12 2013 - Patent trolls have been hounding the world lately, and while President Obama is trying to make it more difficult for those abusing the American patent system, they still account for over 62% of all patent ... Read More

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Capcom Releases “Ducktales: Remastered”, Now Available for XBOX360!

Sep 11 2013 - Everybody, sing along with me now! Life is like a hurricane!  Here in… Duckburg!  Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes… it’s a… duck blur!  Might solve a mystery… or re-write history!  Ducktales, whoo-oo!  Everyday they’re out there ... Read More

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New “Riddick” Game Annouced By Vin Diesel Himself!

Sep 11 2013 - In an interview with the man, the myth, the legend, Vin Diesel at Eurogamer, he announces that he has assembled the original team at Starbreeze Studios (Payday, Payday 2, The Darkness, et al.) behind The ... Read More

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“Kingdom Hearts” HD Remix Recently Released By Square/Enix

Sep 10 2013 - A Playstation 3 exclusive, fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise can now rejoice by re-living four out of seven separate games from the series: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Hearts 358/2 Days, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain ... Read More

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“Outlast” Made Me Pee Myself with Tears of Joy… Because It’s Awesome!

Sep 10 2013 - We here at Gaming Dead are horror fanatics.  I suppose I’m speaking for myself, possibly, but I like to be scared in a controlled environment.  Honestly, if a rabid Insane Clown Posse fan were running ... Read More

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“The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC” Will Be Coming to Steam and the Playstation Store

Sep 07 2013 - XSEED Games, publisher for Marvelous, Inc.’s line of great anime-inspired RPG’s, has recently announced a partnership with Cape Fulgur, LLC.  Their mission: to bring the cult classic The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky ... Read More

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Konami Opens New Studio in California to Work on Upcoming “Metal Gear” Sequels!

Sep 07 2013 - Living in California and looking for work?  Great timing!  Konami might be looking for programmers! APPLY HERE! At the Grand Opening for the new studio, Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear Solid series) leaked ... Read More

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PAX Prime 2013: Dying Light Interview and Gameplay Impressions

Sep 06 2013 - Chris Hayes, one of our podcast hosts and PAX Prime 2013 team members, writes on his hands-on impressions of Techland’s upcoming zombie shooter, Dying Light. We also scored an interview with Techland developer Tymon Smektala ... Read More

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“Titanfall” Does NOT Have A Beta! DO NOT SIGN UP!

Sep 05 2013 - If you’re anticipating the release of Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming 3D PVP mech combat shooter Titanfall, then you’re one in a million.  The game looks rad as all Hell.  If this were the 90′s, Bart Simpson ... Read More

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