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[Time Killer] Grow Tower

Jan 23 2009 - Just released by ON, Grow Tower is a lot quicker to solve, but no less fun than previous Grow games. Your goal this time is to build a tower to reach the sun. Or something. ... Read More

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Silent Hill: The Escape for iPhone

Jan 23 2009 - Konami just announced they’ve released  Silent Hill: The Escape for the iPhone. My first reaction is that it sounds like it will be as scary as listening to The Pit and the Pendulum on a ... Read More

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Gears of War 2 Mega-Patch Arrives

Jan 22 2009 - The patch Gears of War 2 has been begging for has finally arrived, resolving a number of exploits– including crabwalking–along with an assortment of bug fixes. Additionally the update adds new achievements for those that ... Read More

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Residential Area Evil: Its a Party!

Jan 21 2009 - If you thought that Resident Evil 5 was just going to be you on your lonesome killing African zombies, then you were wrong. DEAD wrong! Bwa hahahaha!   (Get it? Zombies… Dead… It’s clever damn ... Read More

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Ruffian Games opens for business, Crackdown 2 rumored

Jan 20 2009 - I had a whole bunch of inauguration jokes planned, but at the last minute, I decided to just jump to the good stuff. Today, Ruffian Games opened for business. You may not have heard of ... Read More

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[DeadNote] We’re Back!

Jan 19 2009 - As you may have noticed, GD has been having some problems with our web hosting company recently, resulting in some downtime. We’re back up now, but we’re going to be moving to a host who ... Read More

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Zen Bound: Least Erotic Bondage Game Ever

Jan 18 2009 - If you just LOVE wrapping rope around wood or stone carvings, have I got a game for you! From the makers of Zen Bondage comes an almost identical game called Zen Bound, in which you ... Read More

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Edmund McMillen’s Meat Boy Gets Super

Jan 17 2009 - You may have read my recent interactions with Edmund, where he cruelly withheld details about his upcoming games, presumably with the intention of making me cry. Well, now we can pretend that never happened; Edmund ... Read More

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NARUTO Shippuden: This Time with Ninjas!

Jan 17 2009 - Get your Money Jutsu ready and get set for the new Ultimate Ninja 4: NARUTO Shippuden from Namco Bandai. Its the first Naruto game set during the Shippuden series released in North America, and for ... Read More

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Wheel of Time Books to Become MMORPG, Game Series

Jan 17 2009 - Red Eagle Games have just signed a deal with Electronic Arts to globally distribute games based on Robert Jordan’s beloved fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. ... Read More

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