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[Interview] Gravity Bone Creator on Sequel, New Game

Feb 16 2009 - What the hell is a Gravity Bone? The title of Brendon Chung’s neato, genre-defying indie game. A clockwork marital aid? I have no idea. Right from the title, it’s obvious Gravity Bone is an enigmatic ... Read More

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Left 4 Dead Half Off Weekend: It’s Not Too Late!

Feb 15 2009 - I know I can’t be the only one whose been holding out on getting Left 4 Dead until a good deal comes along [Yes, you are --Chris]. Well, here’s a deal that will be hard ... Read More

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Confirmed: Left 4 Dead DLC Free for Both PC, Xbox 360

Feb 12 2009 - The Survival Pack DLC for Valve’s cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be free to both PC and Xbox 360 users, the company has confirmed. ... Read More

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[Time Killer] You Probably Won’t Make It

Feb 11 2009 - Have you been looking for an excuse to buy a new keyboard? Jesse Venbrux’s new game You Probably Won’t Make It will get you so frustrated that you’ll be breaking your keyboard over your own ... Read More

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First God of War 3 Details Unearthed

Feb 11 2009 - Initial details of the PS3-exclusive epic-brawler God of War 3 have been revealed via a preview in Game Informer magazine. The magazine confirms that the action sequel will stick to single-player, putting an end to ... Read More

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Nintendo Planning New R&D Center

Feb 11 2009 - Despite economic crises, Nintendo’s apparently doing pretty well for themselves. Global demand for their products has increased enough that they’ve purchased a 40,000 square meter piece of property in Japan, despite cutting their profit forecast. ... Read More

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Left 4 Dead DLC Info: Survival Mode ‘On Over 12 Maps’

Feb 09 2009 - A handful of details on the Survival Pack DLC for Valve’s co-op zombie blaster Left 4 Dead have arrived via word from GameTrailers TV. ... Read More

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Tekken 6 Details, Logo Unearthed

Feb 08 2009 - Namco Bandai finally has divulged a bit more information regarding their upcoming sequel to the arcade-favorite fighting series, Tekken.  New features include character customization, an expanded roster, and more.  Full details from the press release ... Read More

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[Rant] Silent Hill: The Escape Is a Waste of $7.99!

Feb 08 2009 - Silent Hill Escape was recently released for the iPhone. I thought I would cash in my pennies and give it a play, so I could review it for you good people. You owe me $7.99, ... Read More

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Fallout 3 DLC Delayed

Feb 08 2009 - Bethesda’s upcoming DLC for its large scale role playing title Fallout 3 will apparently suffer a delay from the previous target dates of February and March. ... Read More

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