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New Dante’s Inferno Trailer Looks Insane

Feb 24 2009 - Like Chris, I haven’t really been all that interested in this game up until now, but the new trailer has made me take a second look at it. It doesn’t really show any gameplay but ... Read More

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You Should Play This Game: Flower for PS3

Feb 24 2009 - What would a flower dream? Of petals swirling in a gentle breeze over a beautiful meadow? What would their nightmares be? Thatgamecompany’s Flower explores some of these ideas and lets you take control of the ... Read More

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Gamestop Employee Training Vid Will Destroy Your Brain

Feb 24 2009 - Not sure how to sell videogames to women? Check out this god-awful instructional video and maybe you too can become a soulless, embarassing excuse for a human being. Video after the jump, if you dare. ... Read More

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Someone Out There Doesn’t Like RE5

Feb 24 2009 - By now you probably thought you’d never hear a dissenting opinion on Capcom’s über-hyped survival-horror title Resident Evil 5. Well, the silence has been broken, and by a Japanese analyst no less. Prepare for the ... Read More

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Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone Gets New Trailer

Feb 24 2009 - The first question I had when I heard Metal Gear Solid was coming to the iPhone was, “Huh?” followed closely by, “How will it play?” Well, now that we’ve gotten our first glimpse of MGST ... Read More

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New Leisure Suit Larry Game Finds Publisher

Feb 23 2009 - Are you one of the countless horny men (and possibly women) who want to fuck a video game character? [No. --Chris] Well, you can rest easy now, because Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust has ... Read More

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Lost Planet 2 Revealed

Feb 23 2009 - Capcom is on fire! Street Fighter IV is selling like hotcakes, Resident Evil 5 is out in a few weeks, Dead Rising 2 just got announced, and this morning they’ve revealed Lost Planet 2. Trailer ... Read More

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Best and Worst Movie-to-Game Attempts of ’08

Feb 23 2009 - Before the world goes into its year-long Oscars hibernation, I thought that perhaps I could hand out awards for a category that has not (yet) been truly recognized by the Academy Awards. Hopefully, I’ll be ... Read More

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Alan Wake’s Diary Entries Leaked!

Feb 22 2009 - Someone is going to get in so much trouble for this! I bet Mr. Wake is pissed. ... Read More

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[Weekend Rundown] 2/23 – 2/28

Feb 22 2009 - Whether you’re a fan of puzzle, RPG, or FPS titles, there’s a little something for everyone coming out this week. Highlights and the full list after the jump. ... Read More

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