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[Weekend Rundown] 3/2 – 3/7

Mar 01 2009 - Welcome to the Weekend Rundown, where we educate the unwashed masses on games being released this week. Keep reading so you can impress your friends with an encyclopedic and terrifyingly boring knowledge of release dates, ... Read More

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[Rant] Xbox Live Bans Lesbian Gamer

Feb 28 2009 - Think the Red Screen of Death is the most embarrassing problem Microsoft has to deal with? Think again! Xbox live recently banned a gamer whose profile stated that she was a lesbian. ... Read More

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I have a Virtual On.

Feb 28 2009 - Are you over the age of 17? Then you may remember a certain black-hole-for-quarters of an arcade game called Virtual On. It’s coming to XBLA. If you’re smart you’ll buy it… ... Read More

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Web Comic is Up

Feb 27 2009 - The first issue of a Star Wars: The Old Republic web comic debuted today in anticipation of the upcoming MMORPG by BioWare. ... Read More

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Tabula Rasa to be Invaded Tomorrow Night

Feb 27 2009 - In an impressive nod to whatever players are left, Tabula Rasa is going out with a bang – or maybe it’s a “zap!” – as the Bane and Neph races make an all out assault ... Read More

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Doomsday Will be in DC Universe Online

Feb 26 2009 - The team working on DC Universe Online over at SOE revealed in a new video that the spiky villain responsible for killing Superman will be the focus of a quest in the game. ... Read More

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Man Holds Elderly Woman Hostage with Light Gun

Feb 26 2009 - No, I did not make this up. A poor, 80-year-old lady was held hostage in Brazil for ten hours with one of these babies. ... Read More

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[Review+Interview] Zen Bound for iPhones (Secret Exit)

Feb 26 2009 - Chris Benson: A while ago I wondered if the game Zen Bound, from developer Secret Exit, had a point. I had watched the gameplay footage and read the press releases, but I just couldn’t figure out what ... Read More

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Check This Out: Scribblenauts

Feb 25 2009 - From the creators of Drawn To Life and Lock’s Quest on the DS comes an innovative puzzle game where the size of your vocabulary is your only limitation. ... Read More

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[Time Killer] Neverending Light

Feb 24 2009 - Some say entirely story-driven web games are a myth, like Unicorns or Andy Dick, but they’re wrong. I’ve seen one with my own eyes. Neverending Light is one such game. It has no skill-based gameplay, ... Read More

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