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Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs, Paging Dr. Inyu Wendo

Mar 05 2009 - The good people at JoWood Productions think Greys Anatomy is good but doesn’t go far enough. What’re all the scandalous shenanigans worth without the intensity of first-hand surgery and cheeky patient interviews? Nothing, says JoWood, ... Read More

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Fresh Screens for New Fallout 3 DLC

Mar 05 2009 - “The Pitt” is coming, and just to remind us Bethesda has sent out some new screens for the upcoming DLC pack. Check them out after the jump. ... Read More

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[Review] Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trial Maps

Mar 04 2009 - I shelled out 800 Microsoft Points for the new Pure Time Trial maps for Mirror’s Edge. But, was it worth it? ... Read More

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Boom your Blox on the go

Mar 04 2009 - Something seems to have been lost in translation in these new screens for EA’s mobile adaptation of “Boom Blox”. ... Read More

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Halo 3 Exceeds 1 Billion Online Matches

Mar 04 2009 - Bungie has announced that over 1 billion online matches have been played in its FPS title Halo 3–since the game arrived in September of 2007. ... Read More

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“Half-Life: Full Life Consequences” Sequel Arrives!

Mar 03 2009 - The infamous squirrelking has made more than a few hilarious pieces of fanfiction, and some geniuses out there have been turning his work into even more hilarious Garry’s Mod machinima . First, there was “Half-Life: ... Read More

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Midnight Launch Adventures: Halo Wars

Mar 03 2009 - I decided to swing by my local GameStop for the Halo Wars midnight launch last night and man was it a blast! (not really) I even ended up on the news this morning! (that part ... Read More

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[Interview] A Prickly Situation for Cactus: Going Casual

Mar 03 2009 - Jonatan Söderström, better known as Cactus, the prolific experimental indie game designer, just released his latest game. It’s called Ping Pong, and it’s a game about ping-pong. No tricks, no LSD-inspired visuals, just two lo-fi ... Read More

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Guerilla Games Will Not Give In to Whiners

Mar 02 2009 - It’s only been four days since Killzone 2 arrived in stores, but some are already asking for a major revamp. ... Read More

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Infinity Ward Naïvely Asks Internet for Requests

Mar 01 2009 - In a rash and incomprehensible move, Infinity Ward community manager Robert “fourtwozero” Bowling has made a Twitter Suggestions Box for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where he innocently asks the denizens of the internet ... Read More

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