time killer

[Timekiller] The Platforms Game: The Falling Game

Feb 03 2011 - Ok, everyone. The time killer game for the day just popped up and its time to move through some platforms. ... Read More

[Time Killer] Icycle Is Beautifully Frustrating

Sep 22 2009 - A cryogenically-preserved naked man wakes up to discover the planet has suffered some sort of terrible, glacial apocalypse. Riding a tricycle, he must journey through 8 fantastically-designed locations, in an apparent effort to track down ... Read More

[Time Killer] Gaming Gets Real With Viral Flash Adventure

Aug 25 2009 - Save the world from an evil sorcerer? Check. Save your bubble-bound friends from being squished? Check. Stop the spread of the dreaded Gamer’s Flu? Uhh…check? Doctors, gamers, and everyone in-between can now attempt to save ... Read More

[Time Killer] Gobtron: So Fun, You’ll Forget It’s Gross!

Aug 11 2009 - Being the man of refined breeding and delicate nature that I am , I oft try my hand at playing a more gentile manner of game. One that engages the mind as well as the ... Read More

[Time Killer] Raider: Episode 1 Is Space-Dino Approved!

Jun 30 2009 - Do you remember a time when all you needed from a game was a guy, some weapons, and distinct need to to kill everything that wasn’t you, in a world that scrolled in only one ... Read More

[Time Killer] Edmund McMillen’s Spewer

May 05 2009 - If you’re in need of some classic Edmund McMillen to tide you over until Super Meat Boy arrives, check out his latest frustratingly awesome browser game, Spewer. In it, you play a little pink thing ... Read More

[Time Killer] Concuss

Apr 05 2009 - Concuss can be infuriatingly difficult. There, that’s the only negative thing I can say about this thoroughly solid, physics-based platformer. ... Read More

[Time Killer] Neverending Light

Feb 24 2009 - Some say entirely story-driven web games are a myth, like Unicorns or Andy Dick, but they’re wrong. I’ve seen one with my own eyes. Neverending Light is one such game. It has no skill-based gameplay, ... Read More

[Time Killer] Ultimate Crab Battle

Feb 22 2009 - Are you ready for “the most epic boss fight in the history of Flash gaming?” No, of course you’re not. You can’t handle all this epic. ... Read More

[Time Killer] Jumpman

Feb 20 2009 - Jumpman is what happens when an Atari 2600 pops a couple tabs of LSD, and has sex with a kaleidoscope. Check after the jump for a vid of the game in action. ... Read More