time killer

[Time Killer] Across Zombieland

Jun 30 2011 - Killing Zombies with a truck used to be sooooo easy. Like a piece of cake… like Braincake. ... Read More

[Time Killer] 3-D Logic II: Stronghold of Sage

Jun 13 2011 - Puzzle in the morning. Puzzle in the evening. When Puzzles on a flash game you can puzzle anytime! ... Read More

[Time Killer] The I of It

May 25 2011 - What a tragic tale when t leaves it and leaves I all alone. ... Read More

[Time Killer] Tobe’s Hookshot Escape

May 22 2011 - Play this game and you’ll be hooked! Get it?! ... Read More

[Time Killer] Soviet Rocket Giraffe

May 16 2011 - Sometimes the History Channel misses a few of the secret weapons from the Cold War. Finally someone was brave enough to tell the truth… ... Read More

[Time Killer] Nyan Cat FLY!

May 09 2011 - Nyan cats hate vegetables but LOVE candy! ... Read More

[Time Killer] Donkey Kong Arcade Return!

May 04 2011 - No gimmicks, no tricks, just JUMP THE BARREL! ... Read More

[Time Killer] Hue Runner

May 02 2011 - And here you thought you’d never use what you learned in pre-school. ... Read More

[Time Killer] Bitshift

Apr 21 2011 - Ships shooting ships in space? Good ol’ fashioned fun in my book. ... Read More

[Time Killer] Psychosomnium

Apr 18 2011 - WAKE UP! It’s time to dream! ... Read More