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[Review] House of Dead Ninjas

Apr 04 2011 - Ninja’s killing non-descript monsters for a vague and nearly unattainable treasure? Am I dreaming?! ... Read More

[Review] Crysis 2

Mar 25 2011 - The developers of Crysis 2 have been talking a lot of talk leading up to the game’s release. Boasting the best graphics on any platform and most sophisticated AI and level design to date are ... Read More

[Review] Plants vs. Zombies (PSN)

Mar 15 2011 - By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Smart Phone craze that is Plants vs. Zombies, courtesy of PopCap Games. But you haven’t seen it yet on the big screen…until now! *fanfare* ... Read More

[Review] Back to the Future: Back Again!

Feb 28 2011 - Co-written by David Silberstein That squee heard ’round the world? Yeah, that was Meredith, upon hearing about Telltale Games’ release of Back to the Future: The Game, a film-to-game franchise that hasn’t seen a refresh ... Read More

[Review] World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Jan 18 2011 - MMOs make for tricky reviews, especially World of Warcraft. Anyone who plays WoW religiously already owns Cataclysm at this point and anyone who is on the fence six years into the franchise isn’t likely to ... Read More

[Review] Epic Dungeon

Dec 07 2010 - While Kevin has been reviewing all sorts of big name titles around here (CoD: Black Ops, Goldeneye, Bloodstone 007, The Force Unleashed II and Fallout: New Vegas just last month), lately I’ve found myself buried ... Read More

[Review] Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Nov 30 2010 - It seems every new Assasin’s Creed iteration is a case of “two steps forward to one step back.” To its credit the new games in the series always make changes based on criticisms and fan ... Read More

[Review] Call of Duty: Black Ops

Nov 18 2010 - *Sigh* I hate it when I’m right. A couple of weeks ago I wrote the following in a fake, joke review of Black Ops: “Call of Duty 4 featured a sequence wherein your character spends ... Read More

[Review] Goldeneye

Nov 12 2010 - Gaming is a much bigger industry than it was in 1997. Even if Goldeneye is as big a game changer as it was on the N64, it’s bound to get lost in the sea of ... Read More

[Review] Bloodstone 007

Nov 09 2010 - Daniel Craig managed to revitalize the Bond franchise on film, but can he do the same with the video games? We all saw the failure in game and movie that was Quantum of Solace, so ... Read More