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[Review - Second Opinion] Gears of War 3

Sep 26 2011 - As an entrenched console exclusive, Gears of War has a lot of conflicting opinions about it. The Resistance fans say it’s garbage, the Halo fans say it’s yet another 360 windfall. Here at Gaming Dead ... Read More

[Review] Gears of War 3

Sep 24 2011 - The Gears of War series is not known for its deep characterization and emotional resonance. It is, however, known for being full of explosive, gory goodness. The first two games were plenty fun, but their ... Read More

[Review] Starfox 64 3D

Sep 19 2011 - How does one review a game which came out in 1997? Remakes always have the same critical problems, do we like them based on what they changed or improved? Or should they be criticized based ... Read More

[Review] Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Sep 16 2011 - I get that Warhammer was calling their vacuum inclined commandos Space Marines and their body shaped tanks “power armor” long before the term “power armored space marine” had become cliché, but let’s consider what this ... Read More

[Review] Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Aug 27 2011 - Ever since I heard that Eidos was doing a new Deus Ex game, I was excited. In the months leading up to the game’s Tuesday release (last Tuesday, that is), I’ve been following all the ... Read More

[Review] Gesundheit!

Jul 30 2011 - Before I get started with my review, I will preface this by saying that I’m terrible at most iOS puzzle games. Just awful. Even still, Gesundheit! (produced by Konami) is simple, fun, and alluring. ... Read More

[Review] Cat Astro Phi

May 20 2011 - Classic Gameboy gaming is not dead. It’s BACK! ... Read More

[Review] Portal 2

May 03 2011 - It’s a tried and true practice in the games industry to achieve success by copying and then expanding on good ideas of other games. Not only is Portal easily the most original franchise I’ve seen ... Read More

God had 7 days: I have 1 Day

Apr 18 2011 - Can you save a kingdom in a single day? ... Read More

[Review] D.T.I.P.,B.,I.J.A.Y.S.

Apr 07 2011 - don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story, aka D.T.I.P.,B.,I.J.A.Y.S. (Dee Tip By Jays) for short, is out. Oh, you DIDN’T hear about good ol’ D.T.I.P.,B.,I.J.A.Y.S.? ... Read More