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[Review] Ys Origin

Jun 22 2012 - I have never played a Ys game before, so when I offered to review Ys Origin by Nihon Falcom, I was not sure what to expect. After my second play through of the game, I was ... Read More

[Review] Diablo III

May 22 2012 - There is some speculation as to whether or not there is a cow level. But that is an affair for bovines and will not be discussed here. ... Read More

[Review] Kid Icarus: Uprising

Apr 04 2012 - The 3DS drought is over; or so claims IGN. The system is a year old, has a decent library, a good price point, and plenty of units sold. So now the 3DS is on as ... Read More

[Review] Sine Mora

Mar 25 2012 - Some shoot ‘em ups are called bullet hell shooters for a reason. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to to slow down time when the screen is covered with those pesky glowing bullets? In ... Read More

[Review] SSX

Mar 07 2012 - The fast, arcade-y snowboarding series is back from hibernation. But does the new SSX revive the stylized magic of the original games? ... Read More

[Review] Hakuoki: The First English-Language PSP Otome Game

Feb 28 2012 - Ah, Valentine’s Day. So sugary-sweet, so commercialized. After all the chocolate, flowers, and jewelry, surely a lot of people are thinking “Why do we put so much emphasis on love and romance on this one ... Read More

[Review] ScaryGirl

Jan 25 2012 - The odd world of the ScaryGirl graphic novel has been digitized into video game form. Who hasn’t always dreamt of fighting baddies as a tentacled zombie pirate girl? The colorful action platformer is available on ... Read More

[Review] Dustforce

Jan 25 2012 - Dustforce had captured my attention awhile back with the graphics, gameplay and music, and I was excited to be able to obtain a copy of the game to review. After putting a few hours into ... Read More

[Review] Star Wars: The Old Republic

Dec 26 2011 - A long, long time ago, a company named Bioware started making the Knights of the Old Republic series, games based on the Star Wars universe. The games were a commercial success and so it came ... Read More

[Review] Corpse party

Dec 11 2011 - We all know that our teenage years were an awkward time. Dealing with love, trying to fit in, making career choices makes for a stressful time in high school. Add a ritual that sends you ... Read More