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[Review] Ragnarok Odyssey

Oct 31 2012 - Ever since I bought my Vita, I have been waiting for a great multiplayer game to be released. When I owned a PSP, the majority of its life was spent playing each and every Monster ... Read More

Review: “Lucius” or Child Serial Killer Simulator

Oct 28 2012 - I’ve been sitting in the bathtub for three days in an odd mixture of soap, aloe vera, and holy water trying to cleanse my soul from having played Lucius.  If you have ever wondered what ... Read More

[Review] Dishonored

Oct 19 2012 - Original IP, “play it your way” mechanics, stealthy badass protagonist and an engrossing story? It’s like they made a game just for me! ... Read More

[Review] The Art of Video Games: An Exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Sep 18 2012 - This past summer, I had the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s exhibit on “The Art of Video Games.” I can summarize my experience there in one word: disappointing. ... Read More

Gear Review: Gamer’s Edge Video Gaming Glasses

Aug 26 2012 - I am constantly in front of my laptop.  I mean, constantly.  I typically don’t like to leave my bedroom.  All of my favorite things are here: my TV, video game consoles, internet, laptop, mini-fridge full ... Read More

Review: “Sleeping Dogs”… with In-Game Footage (no spoilers)

Aug 17 2012 - (The following videos contain strong language and violence and are probably NSFW) *UPDATE* Controls have since been fixed, HD Graphics have been updated, and compatibility issues have been fixed with new patches.  However, the music ... Read More

[Review] Hybrid

Aug 13 2012 - 5th Cell is known for developing a couple of really creative puzzle games with cartoonish visuals for the DS. Their newest game is  something completely different. Hybrid is an online only sci-fi shooter on the ... Read More

Review: Indie Game “Symphony”, Worth the 9.99 Purchase Price???

Aug 10 2012 - Symphony, a premiere title by indie developer Empty Clip Studios, is probably one of the most interesting games I have ever played.  It is a space shooter that synchronizes your music collection in order to analyze ... Read More

[Review] Deadlight

Jul 30 2012 - Deadlight for the Xbox Live Arcade is a zombie game like you’ve never seen before. It is a sidescrolling survival horror zombie puzzle platformer. ... Read More

[Review] Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Jun 26 2012 - I like my military shooters with a heavy dose of stealth. So why don’t I seem to like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier? ... Read More