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“Akaneiro: Demon Hunters” Just Released on Steam, But Is It Worth the Purchase?

Jun 21 2013 - I’ve only played the game to the third level in its free-to-play browser version, so keep that in mind while reading this review. I really miss cel-shading for TV shows that blend in 2D hand-drawn ... Read More

[Review] Resident Evil: Revelations for PC

May 27 2013 - Ratings System: 6 out of 10 Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Hey everyone!  I haven’t been back to this franchise in awhile, but when did Resident Evil turn into a metaphoric mutant circle jerk with NO zombies?  ... Read More

[Review] Metro: Last Light

May 18 2013 - Metro: Last Light highlights why I’m starting to get sick of shooters. I can’t think of a development tactic less advisable than badly aping another franchise of a different genre. ... Read More

PDP’s New Afterglow Prismatic Wireless Headset Looks as Awesome as It Sounds, Launches for $99.99 at Best Buy!!!

May 15 2013 - I know I need a new headset.  I tried being a part of the last Gaming Dead podcast and every time I raised my voice out of excitement, I sounded like a raspy 65 year ... Read More

[Review] Age of Wushu (Sponsored by Jet Li!!!)

Apr 14 2013 - Does anyone know what it’s like to have a relationship-ruining, life-threatening addiction?  Feel like starting a new one? Ratings System: | Awesome! | Good! | It’s Alright! | It Sucks! | Rating: Good! Background Info: ... Read More

[Review] Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

Mar 30 2013 - What do you get when you take the bromance and aggro out of Army of Two? I don’t know. And apparently neither does Army of Two ... Read More

[Review] Bioshock: Infinite

Mar 28 2013 - For a game about multiple realities, I can’t help but feel there’s another reality where this game was better. ... Read More

[Review] Crysis 3

Feb 25 2013 - Something about the Crysis series has always seemed to me more than the sum of its parts. Maybe it’s the design elements from Far Cry. Maybe it’s because the designers wanted to apologize for not ... Read More

[Review] Gemini Wars

Nov 20 2012 - Gemini Wars takes two great things and puts them together: space and real time strategy. The result is a game set in a diverse universe and some really epic feeling missions, especially when warp gates ... Read More

[Review] Clan of Champions

Nov 14 2012 - I will start out with this: Clan of Champions should not be sold on PC as it is. While the game is fun, the PC version is very clearly a port of the console game ... Read More