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Fresh: Uncharted 2 Leaked Screens

Dec 31 2008 - For the people tired of Uncharted 2 teasers, we’ve gotten ahold of some real, honest-to-goodness screenshots! Check the rest out after the jump. ... Read More

Lovely List of LBP Levels Leaves…Gamers Pleased

Dec 30 2008 - Playing LittleBigPlanet and find you’re lost in the slew of user-created levels? We understand, there’s a lot of crap out there. Fortunately, the fine ladies and gentlemen of the Gaming Age Forums have your back. ... Read More

I Fell in Love with The Majesty of Colors

Dec 29 2008 - The Majesty of Colors is a very short but moving game by Gregory Weir which features the player as an abyssal sea creature come to explore the strange and wonderful world that lies above the ... Read More

Orson Scott Card and The Ender’s Game Game

Dec 29 2008 - In an interview with SCI FI Wire, acclaimed science fiction author, and guy who makes me angry, Orson Scott Card chatted briefly about his hopes for a possible game based on his most famous novel, ... Read More

Wii Military Applications: Sun Tzu Would Be Proud

Dec 27 2008 - The Pentagon is apparently looking into the Nintendo Wii for “military applications.” Seriously? You’re going to outfit soldiers with the goddamn Wii, a videogame system with motion sensor technology apparently so lacking, Nintendo is now ... Read More

The Wii Gets Fragile, a Game That May Not Suck

Dec 27 2008 - Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure. That was the last time I touched my Wii (teehee). I haven’t seen much coming out for the Wii in a long while that wasn’t uninteresting, terrible-looking, or ... Read More

Wind Waker Unplugged: So Awesome

Dec 26 2008 - YouTube’s Fredrik Larsson, who you may remember from his Mega Man 9 rock medley, has put together an amazing rendition of the title theme from Wind Waker. He did it on his own, playing each ... Read More

[Rant] The Dante’s Inferno Game – What the Hell?

Dec 24 2008 - EA Redwood Shores, the guys behind the repetitive waste of a great premise that was Dead Space, have decided to casually rape some classic literature. [Video after the jump] ... Read More

Castle Crashers Patched, Christmas Saved

Dec 24 2008 - It wasn’t Halo 3 or Gears of War or Mass Effect that got me to lay down the cash for a 360, it was Castle Crashers. So when I found out I couldn’t play online ... Read More

Fresh: Broken Sword Revolution

Dec 24 2008 - I’m not sure how Revolution Software hasn’t gone bankrupt yet. When your entire revenue hinges on the sales of adventure games, a genre so dead it makes Gary Gygax look hale (too soon!), and you ... Read More