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Noitu Love 2 is Now Half Price

Jan 09 2009 - Forgot to post this yesterday, but Noitu Love 2, the badass indie action game by Konjak is now a measly ten dollars. If you miss good old fashioned Treasure side scrollers, go buy this game ... Read More

EGM Shuts Down, UGO Buys 1up

Jan 08 2009 - Venerable videogaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly has been shut down after nearly twenty years of production,  and EGM’s online counterpart 1up.com has been absorbed by UGO, who have inexplicably continued to exist without anyone noticing ... Read More

I Am Alive: Please, Please Be Good

Jan 08 2009 - So much potential in this game, though for some reason I can’t bring myself to get excited about it. It might have something to do with the douchey looking hero or the fact that they ... Read More

Japan to get Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360 Bundle, No Fair!

Jan 07 2009 - Microsoft and Capcom are teaming up to produce a Resident Evil 5 bundle that is just stuffed with goodies!  ... Read More

Dead Gaming: The Top 8 Zombie Games of All Time

Jan 07 2009 - Zombies. With numerous appearances in everything from Grand Theft Auto to Call of Duty, they’re more popular now than ever. People just can’t seem to get enough of those walking dead and their adorable antics. ... Read More

u wnat gold? pl half price? (Gold Sellers Ahoy!)

Jan 03 2009 - It’s past the new year, and I’m STILL getting these. So many MMO’s these days are swarmed with gold sellers. For example, I play Warhammer Online, developed by acclaimed Mythic Entertainment. Mythic is known for ... Read More

Playing Outside the Box: The Joy of Exploits

Jan 02 2009 - Now, we here at GD don’t advocate using exploits in multiplayer games (as evidenced by Joanna’s rant), but we’ve got to admit there is a certain satisfaction in beating a single player game in ways ... Read More

Core Gamers to Save Video Game Industry

Jan 02 2009 - Top finacial analysts predict that the game industry will come out of the global economic crisis unscathed. Why? Because of dedicated core gamers like you and me! They say gamers like us will continue to ... Read More

WTFresh: Kojima’s Snatcher Redone in CryEngine 2?

Jan 01 2009 - No, you’re not still drunk from that New Year’s kegger, somebody is really doing this. really. ... Read More

World of Goo is Indie Game of the Year

Jan 01 2009 - The results of Game Tunnel’s 7th Annual Game of the Year Awards were released yesterday, and 2DBoy’s World of Goo garnered much praise, gathering several awards including Independent Game of the Year. ... Read More