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Edmund McMillen’s Meat Boy Gets Super

Jan 17 2009 - You may have read my recent interactions with Edmund, where he cruelly withheld details about his upcoming games, presumably with the intention of making me cry. Well, now we can pretend that never happened; Edmund ... Read More

NARUTO Shippuden: This Time with Ninjas!

Jan 17 2009 - Get your Money Jutsu ready and get set for the new Ultimate Ninja 4: NARUTO Shippuden from Namco Bandai. Its the first Naruto game set during the Shippuden series released in North America, and for ... Read More

Wheel of Time Books to Become MMORPG, Game Series

Jan 17 2009 - Red Eagle Games have just signed a deal with Electronic Arts to globally distribute games based on Robert Jordan’s beloved fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. ... Read More

Fallout 3 DLC: Can You Survive a History Lesson?

Jan 13 2009 - In a veiled attempt to get at your hard earned caps, Bethesda is releasing the first of three DLC packs on January 27th entitled “Operation: Anchorage”. Taking place during the liberation of Alaska from the ... Read More

Indiana Jones and the Probable Cancellation

Jan 13 2009 - The next-gen Indiana Jones game was one of the earliest high-profile usages of both the Euphoria engine and LucasArts’ own DMM technology. It was also first announced before the most recent movie turd-blasted the franchise, so ... Read More

Castle Crashers DLC Arrives Tomorrow

Jan 13 2009 - The Behemoth just announced two new DLC packs for Castle Crashers that will be hitting Xbox Live January 14th. Included are three weapons, two characters, and an animal orb in a pear tree. ... Read More

Nintendo to Cater to Everybody, Nobody

Jan 12 2009 - In an ambitious move to sway more casual game players into the fold without further alienating remaining hardcore fans, Nintendo appears to be working on a unique new brand of gameplay technology.  This patent, filed ... Read More

Some Other Guy Does Awesome Zelda Music Too

Jan 11 2009 - It looks like now that Fredrik Larsson’s fabulous rendition of the Wind Waker theme has become a huge success, musically talented Zelda fans are coming out of the woodwork. Diwa De Leon has put together ... Read More

Edmund McMillen Toys with My Emotions

Jan 11 2009 - Edmund McMillen, Gish creator/indie superstar, just gave me a couple quick updates on what he’s working on, as well as another maddening hint about his games on Xbox 360. ... Read More

inFamous Vs. Prototype: Looking Good, Similar

Jan 10 2009 - Open ended gameplay is in. Sandbox games? You better believe they’re the shit. It doesn’t seem to matter if the plots suffer (GTAIV, Ass. Creed, etc), or the gameplay is repetitive (Crackdown, Just Cause, etc), ... Read More