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Indiana Jones Coming to Wii, DS, PS2, with Kickass Bonus

Feb 03 2009 - Still no word on the next-gen Indiana Jones game, but Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings should tide us over until then. In SoK, Indy embarks on one of his globe-trotting quests to discover ... Read More

Remember Rogue? What about NetHack? Angband?

Feb 03 2009 - Remember when times were simpler? Back before all these bits and bops and polygons and doodads? No? Then, goddammit, I’m not talking to you! Go suckle at your momma’s teat and let the grown-ups talk! ... Read More

Spirit Fever: Cheerleading Management Sim Is Crap

Feb 01 2009 - Spirit Fever, a new “cheerleading management” game, is definitely targeting a niche market. I know a lot of people that dream of cheerleaders, but interested in simulated squad management? Absolutely none. ... Read More

Steamy Weekend: PC Rockstar Games 30% Off

Jan 31 2009 - You, with the glowing tower…yeah I know you’re a PC gamer; the keyboard is your controller, the mouse: your analog sticks. You’re not going to settle for playing games on some sort of foreign operating ... Read More

Image of New Halo 3 Map Leaked

Jan 29 2009 - Bungie is usually very careful about how and when they release new information on on-going projects but with the Halo franchise being such a high profile one it is almost inevitable that something will slip ... Read More

Dawn of War II Beta Now Open to Everyone

Jan 28 2009 - Itching for more opportunities to smite heretical aliens in the name of the Holy Emperor? I thought so. More information, pics, and where to download the beta after the jump. ... Read More

Idiot Mom Says Game Has Hidden Islamic Message

Jan 28 2009 - The DS game Baby Pals uses a generic baby gurgle sound effect, apparently from a sound library, which sounds a bit like “Islam is the light,” but only when you’re told what to listen for. ... Read More

Runes of Magic Gets Romantic for Valentine’s Day

Jan 27 2009 - The good people over at Runewaker Entertainment in Taiwan have decided to go all out to celebrate St. Valentine’s day in their free MMO RPG, Runes of Magic.  More fun pictures after the jump. ... Read More

[DeadNote] Board Games: Oh, the Horror

Jan 27 2009 - We here at GD aren’t always playing videogames, you know. I mean, don’t get me wrong. We’re usually playing them. Hell, I’m playing one while I write this. But, sometimes we give our calloused thumbs ... Read More

Half-Shell Heroes Return: TMNT Smash-Up Coming to Wii

Jan 26 2009 - Have we truly had 25 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? 25 years of Leonardo’s leadership and Raphael’s biting sarcasm? 25 years of Michelangelo’s brash, live fast and die young attitude? 25 years of Donatello’s ... Read More