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Left 4 Dead DLC Info: Survival Mode ‘On Over 12 Maps’

Feb 09 2009 - A handful of details on the Survival Pack DLC for Valve’s co-op zombie blaster Left 4 Dead have arrived via word from GameTrailers TV. ... Read More

Tekken 6 Details, Logo Unearthed

Feb 08 2009 - Namco Bandai finally has divulged a bit more information regarding their upcoming sequel to the arcade-favorite fighting series, Tekken.  New features include character customization, an expanded roster, and more.  Full details from the press release ... Read More

[Rant] Silent Hill: The Escape Is a Waste of $7.99!

Feb 08 2009 - Silent Hill Escape was recently released for the iPhone. I thought I would cash in my pennies and give it a play, so I could review it for you good people. You owe me $7.99, ... Read More

Fallout 3 DLC Delayed

Feb 08 2009 - Bethesda’s upcoming DLC for its large scale role playing title Fallout 3 will apparently suffer a delay from the previous target dates of February and March. ... Read More

Killballs and a Grid Come to Halo 3

Feb 06 2009 - Bungie has released more info on what Forge goodies we’ll find in the new Mythic Map Pack. They talked about Killballs and a Blue Grid, two simple but awesome things that will almost definitely have ... Read More

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It’s BACK!

Feb 06 2009 - So your Army recruiter thought your near-sighted, asthmatic, two-left-feet-having ass wouldn’t cut it in today’s Army? Well here is your chance to prove him wrong. To prove him wrong AGAIN! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ... Read More

Possible Dead Rising 2 Video Hits the Web

Feb 06 2009 - It doesn’t exactly say “Dead Rising 2″ anywhere in the video but it looks like a safe bet to me.  Check it out after the jump and draw your own conclusions. ... Read More

Left 4 Dead Expansion Great for PC, Meh for Consoles

Feb 05 2009 - Valve just announced the “L4D Survival Pack,” the expansion we’ve all been waiting for. Or so we thought. ... Read More

New Watchmen Screens to Make You Want Moore

Feb 05 2009 - Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has released a slew of new screen shots for Watchmen: The End is Nigh, the episodic brawler based on the movie, which is based on Alan Moore’s magnum opus graphic novel. ... Read More

Guy Chokes Girlfriend With Wii Controller Cord

Feb 04 2009 - What would you do if your significant other woke you up to fuss at you because they thought you ate their Girl Scout cookies? Flip out and choke them with your Wii controller, of course. ... Read More