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Playstation Heading South

Feb 20 2009 - It’s official, Sony is bringing the Playstation to Latin America. But what can shoppers really expect ? Read on to find out. ... Read More

God of War III Trailer Dissected

Feb 19 2009 - Take an in-depth look at the latest trailer for God of War III and find out what will make this one of the biggest games on the PS3. ... Read More

Wii to Enter Dead Space

Feb 19 2009 - EA recently announced that it is producing a prequel to Dead Space for the Wii called Dead Space Extraction. Read on for more details and deadly blade-arm action! ... Read More

Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack Video Bonanza!

Feb 18 2009 - We have searched across the vast internet to find and bring to you the following videos of the new maps included in the Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack. Enjoy! ... Read More

First Super Meat Boy Teaser Splatters onto the Web

Feb 18 2009 - Yeah, it’s a teaser, not a trailer, so no actual game footage yet, but James Id did a great job complimenting the retro feel of SMB with this spot on homage to early 90′s MTV.  ... Read More

Name Your Kid Jason and Get Free Games

Feb 16 2009 - Codemasters has come up with an interesting UK promotion for their new game Rise of the Argonauts. Just name your child Jason and they’ll give you free stuff. ... Read More

Left 4 Dead Half Off Weekend: It’s Not Too Late!

Feb 15 2009 - I know I can’t be the only one whose been holding out on getting Left 4 Dead until a good deal comes along [Yes, you are --Chris]. Well, here’s a deal that will be hard ... Read More

Confirmed: Left 4 Dead DLC Free for Both PC, Xbox 360

Feb 12 2009 - The Survival Pack DLC for Valve’s cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be free to both PC and Xbox 360 users, the company has confirmed. ... Read More

First God of War 3 Details Unearthed

Feb 11 2009 - Initial details of the PS3-exclusive epic-brawler God of War 3 have been revealed via a preview in Game Informer magazine. The magazine confirms that the action sequel will stick to single-player, putting an end to ... Read More

Nintendo Planning New R&D Center

Feb 11 2009 - Despite economic crises, Nintendo’s apparently doing pretty well for themselves. Global demand for their products has increased enough that they’ve purchased a 40,000 square meter piece of property in Japan, despite cutting their profit forecast. ... Read More