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EA Releases Dead Space 3 Backstory Video

Jan 19 2013 - For those who are interested in the upcoming survival horror game Dead Space 3 but haven’t played the previous games – or don’t remember the details – there’s now a quick way to get caught up. As ... Read More

PC Indie Horor Title Home Coming to Other Platforms

Jan 08 2013 - Originally released only on the PC, indie horror adventure game Home may be coming to other platforms soon. The developers have announced that they hope to port the game to the Mac, iOS, “and possibly Android,” ... Read More

Stand-Alone ‘DayZ’ Delayed as Creators Rebuild the Entire Engine

Jan 07 2013 - If you were looking forward to the new and improved DayZ, you might be in for a bit of a wait. The development team has decided to rebuild the entire game engine, which will obviously ... Read More

Check Out a First Look at Gameplay in The Walking Dead FPS

Jan 01 2013 - The upcoming Walking Dead FPS, now titled Survival Instinct, has been teased thus far with a few screenshots and a brief teaser, but before today we never had a very good look at the actual ... Read More

Dead Space 3′s Producer Talks About Kinect Integration

Dec 31 2012 - Steve Papoutsis, executive producer of upcoming shooter sequel Dead Space 3, has revealed some details of how players can expect to use the Kinect with the Xbox 360 version of the game. In an interview ... Read More

Xbox 360 Retail Version Of The Walking Dead Has Issues

Dec 30 2012 - Players have reported performance issues that make the retail version of zombie-themed adventure game The Walking Dead on the 360 virtually unplayable. Disappointed users posting on the Telltale Games forums named a number of problems, including freezes, ... Read More

The War Z Executive Producer Apologizes To Game’s Community

Dec 30 2012 - Sergey Titov, executive producer of controversial zombie shooter The War Z, has issued a public apology for the developers’ “failure to communicate”. In an open letter on the War Z forum, Titov thanked the community for ... Read More

Resident Evil 6 Available For PCs On March 22

Dec 29 2012 - Capcom has announced that survival horror sequel Resident Evil 6 will be available for Windows PCs starting on March 22.  The PC version will include all content from the original console release, including all free ... Read More

Dead Space 3 Will Implement Kinect Voice Commands

Dec 24 2012 - The Xbox 360 version of survival horror shooter sequel Dead Space 3 has been confirmed to implement Kinect voice commands. The announcement was made at an EA showcase by Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis, ... Read More

[Review] Gemini Wars

Nov 20 2012 - Gemini Wars takes two great things and puts them together: space and real time strategy. The result is a game set in a diverse universe and some really epic feeling missions, especially when warp gates ... Read More