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PDP’s New Afterglow Prismatic Wireless Headset Looks as Awesome as It Sounds, Launches for $99.99 at Best Buy!!!

May 15 2013 - I know I need a new headset.  I tried being a part of the last Gaming Dead podcast and every time I raised my voice out of excitement, I sounded like a raspy 65 year ... Read More

OGPlanet’s La Tale: Storm Electrifies Free-to-Play Gaming

May 10 2013 - Watch out, kids!  MMORPG’s are going to be big this season! OGPlanet, the independent game designers that brought you SD Gundam Capsule Fighter, Rumble Fighter, and the upcoming Tactical Intervention (developed with Counter Strike’s co-creator ... Read More

Marriage, Murder, and Revenge… in Time and Eternity: New Screens and Gameplay Trailer

May 06 2013 - Prinny, dudes! Stop sexually harassing me with your thoughts, narrator!!! From the developers that brought you the awesome (and funny) Disgaea (my personal favorite), as well as other great JRPG’s and titles such as the Etrian ... Read More

Game Developer Teaches a Lesson About Piracy

May 02 2013 - We’ve all heard it a million times. The big names in any media industry complain about internet piracy but can never seem to stop it, and often make things worse. One independent developer decided to ... Read More

[Industry Calender] May 2013

May 02 2013 - Here are the gaming industry events happening this month: May 3rd: 4th Annual No Quarter – The NYU Game Center is happy to announce the premiere of four new games from Bennett Foddy, Sophie Houlden, Matthew LoPresti, ... Read More

[Review] Age of Wushu (Sponsored by Jet Li!!!)

Apr 14 2013 - Does anyone know what it’s like to have a relationship-ruining, life-threatening addiction?  Feel like starting a new one? Ratings System: | Awesome! | Good! | It’s Alright! | It Sucks! | Rating: Good! Background Info: ... Read More

[Review] Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

Mar 30 2013 - What do you get when you take the bromance and aggro out of Army of Two? I don’t know. And apparently neither does Army of Two ... Read More

[Review] Bioshock: Infinite

Mar 28 2013 - For a game about multiple realities, I can’t help but feel there’s another reality where this game was better. ... Read More

Capcom Senior Producer Discusses DmC Devil May Cry Development Decisions

Mar 04 2013 - Alex Jones, Senior Producer of Capcom USA, has gone on the record explaining some of the reasoning behind decisions made in the development of action adventure sequel DmC Devil May Cry. In an interview with ... Read More

The War Z Returns To Steam

Mar 03 2013 - After having been removed from Steam shortly after its release due to customer complaints, The War Z has finally returned to the digital distribution platform. Launching on December 17, the zombie survival MMO quickly drew ... Read More