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[GD at SDCC 2013] Loot Crate Unboxed: A Curated Subscription Box for Geeks and Gamers

Jul 22 2013 -   If you could put the experience of San Diego Comic-Con International into a box, what would that box look like? Matt Arevalo and Chris Davis of subscription box service Loot Crate think they have ... Read More

Gaming Dead Podcast: Evo, Summer Sales, Minecraft Buffoonery

Jul 14 2013 - The latest episode of the Gaming Dead Podcast features some time sensitive material on Evo and Steam’s summer sale — so we thought a quick turnaround would be prudent. Check it out below (or directly ... Read More

[GD at AX 2013] The AX Gaming Room

Jul 08 2013 - That’s right. That’s motherfuckin’ Goldeneye right there. For the Nintendo 64. They also had the original Street Fighter II cartridges. All things considered, that part of the gaming room was pretty badass. However, it wasn’t ... Read More

Gaming Dead Podcast: Wasn’t E3 Last Month?

Jul 08 2013 - The relaunch of Gaming Dead’s podcast features discussions on the big three at E3. Check it out below (or directly on SoundCloud) and listen as we work out the kinks of our new segmented format. We’re ... Read More

[GD at AX 2013] Cake Nana Hits App Store with new graphics, unlockables

Jul 06 2013 - Developer 3½ Samurai Studio released its sweet treat-themed tower defense-style game Cake Nana, previously scheduled for debut in Fall 2012, this holiday weekend, holding a launch party at Anime Expo, North America’s largest anime convention, ... Read More

Nintendo Innovates Yet Again With Support For Web Based Development!!!

Jul 06 2013 - Nintendo is no slouch when it comes to forward thinking innovation, and with each system came a new host of revolutionary ideas.  From its early stages in creating its first handheld electronic titles in the ... Read More

XSEED Games “Rune Factory 4″ Coming to the 3DS

Jun 28 2013 - Fans of the Harvest Moon series are already anticipating the return of Rune Factory on the 3DS, and XSEED Games is ready to give you another reason to repeat classes as Rune Factory 4 hits ... Read More

“Clash of Clans” and “Puzzle and Dragons” Developers Collaborate to Bring You More Content for Your Money

Jun 24 2013 - Gung Ho! Entertainment are collaborating with Clash of Clans Supercell Games to bring a top-selling Japanese strategy/puzzle/RPG to Western shores withPuzzle & Dragons!  This old-school dungeon crawler allows its players to capture and collect various monstersPokemon ... Read More

[Notable Releases] June 24-30: Company of Heroes 2

Jun 24 2013 - Notable video game releases this week include Company of Heroes 2, Deadpool and Ride to Hell: Retribution. June 24 Company of Heroes 2 (PC/Steam) Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie (PC/Steam) One Finger ... Read More

“Akaneiro: Demon Hunters” Just Released on Steam, But Is It Worth the Purchase?

Jun 21 2013 - I’ve only played the game to the third level in its free-to-play browser version, so keep that in mind while reading this review. I really miss cel-shading for TV shows that blend in 2D hand-drawn ... Read More