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Gaming Dead Podcast: PAX Prime Day 2

Sep 01 2013 - Another day, another awesome run through the games at this year’s PAX Prime. Check out the new podcast below, along with the games we were able to check out: Legend of Dungeon Neverending Nightmares Beat ... Read More

[Review] Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Aug 31 2013 - Ubisoft, what are you doing? No one wants Uplay forced on their Steam games. No one wanted tower defense in Assassin’s Creed. And no one wanted Splinter Cell to be a shooter. ... Read More

Gaming Dead Podcast: PAX Prime Day 1

Aug 31 2013 - In the latest episode of the Gaming Dead Podcast we discuss several games that we demoed on the first day of PAX Prime. Check it out below (or directly on SoundCloud). Games highlighted in this episode: ... Read More

“Dark Souls 2: The Forging of a Hero” Behind the Scenes Footage

Aug 25 2013 - Those who have played the original Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls can rest assured that this game will be just as challenging as its forefathers with a new Behind the Scenes look at Stephane of ... Read More

Linkin Park’s New Upcoming Facebook Game “LP Recharge” Will Support Sustainable Energy Efforts!

Aug 23 2013 - It starts with one… One concentrated effort to create a game that will raise money for charity. Linkin Park, who have achieved success with a best selling record at an early age, have cemented themselves ... Read More

“Guncraft” is Good!

Aug 13 2013 - If you take half of Mincecraft and combine it with half of Counterstrike, put them in a blender and mix them around, what you get is an awkward mix of elements that never really come ... Read More

“Immortal Empire” is Pretty Good!

Aug 13 2013 - Immortal Empire by developer Tactic Studios is a turn-based tactical RPG that may be hit or miss for some players, as the game is currently in its early stages of release and may need some ... Read More

“Do Not Fall” on PSN is Pretty Awesome!!!

Aug 08 2013 - Do Not Fall, by Taiwanese developers XPEC Entertainment, is like that pretty girl in high school that you were too socially awkward to date, but then you do and you realize what makes her an ... Read More

“Cubetractor” is Pretty Awesome!

Aug 06 2013 - Cubetractor is a puzzler and Cubetractor is cute.  Cubetractor is cute like a dude trying to get laid with a girl online cute, but not like how a preteen hugging a puppy is cute. Cubetractor ... Read More

[REVIEW] Shadowrun Returns is Pretty Awesome!

Jul 31 2013 - Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun, Crimson Skies, BattleTech, and MechWarrior, has gone one step further in his own career in establishing himself as a top developer with a real passion for his craft.  Shadowrun, ... Read More