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A Brief Tribute to Mourn the Loss of Hiroshi Yamauchi, Former Owner of Nintendo Corp.

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Saturday, September 21st, 2013 -


Nintendo sprouted roots in the year of 1889, when it manufactured hand-crafted Hanafuda playing cards before there was a thing called a “television”.

Hiroshi Yamauchi took over the company in 1949 at the age of 22, trying to find a way to turn his father’s small company into something bigger.  With business ventures into various escapades that proved unprofitable, including investment into a love hotel franchise in the 60′s, “N&B” blocks that were little more than Lego rip-offs, and a cell phone deal with Nokia sometime in 2001.

But, it wasn’t until a fresh-faced Shigeru Miyamoto (Nintendo’s current President) created Donkey Kong in the early 1980′s for the arcades when Nintendo became a giant in the video games industry.  Seeing potential in video games as a business venture after the success of Donkey Kong, Yamauchi decides to jump on the bandwagon that had been created by the likes of Magnavox, Sega, and Atari.  The Nintendo Entertainment System had been born just a year or so after the Sega Master System.

Always a step ahead in innovation, Nintendo releases some of the quirkiest peripherals known to mankind in the form of add-ons for the NES, including the Gyromite robot gyro, the power glove, and the Virtual Boy.  Though none of those peripherals actually worked correctly (the Virtual Boy even lead to Gunpei Yokoi’s, creator of the original NES controller and,Lead Engineer/innovator of the original Gameboy, untimely suicide) we were all pretty hyped up about buying into the disappointment.

Throughout the past 20-30 years, Nintendo has given gamers some of the greatest consoles to host some of our favorite games in history!  From the original NES to the SNES to the N64 to the Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, et al., we owe this man a great deal of gratitude for helping to make the video games industry what it is today!

Hiroshi Yamauchi has struggled to achieve success through his entire life and career, and his death should only breed new life into a company that has stood the test of time.  Thank you, Mr. Yamauchi, and we wish you all the best of the world as you spend the rest of your days in Heaven.

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