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Capcom Releases “Ducktales: Remastered”, Now Available for XBOX360!

Posted under Featured, and News by Justin Oung on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 -

Everybody, sing along with me now!

Life is like a hurricane!  Here in… Duckburg!  Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes… it’s a… duck blur!  Might solve a mystery… or re-write history!  Ducktales, whoo-oo!  Everyday they’re out there making Ducktales… whoo-oo!  Tales of daring – do bad and good… Ducktales!  Whoo-oo!

Da-da-da-danger moves behind you!  There’s a stranger out to find you!  What to do?  Just grab on to some Ducktales, whoo-oo!  Everyday they’re out there making Ducktales… whoo-oo!  Tales of daring – do bad and good… Ducktales!  Whoo-oo!  Not cotton tails or pony tails, no!  Ducktales!  Whoo-oo!

Did that bring back a bit of nostalgia for you?

Well, Capcom and developer Wayforward Technologies (Aliens: Infestation, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King!, Contra 4)are bringing back a lot of nostalgia for all of us with the remastered version of Disney’s Ducktales for the XBOX360.  Recently released on Steam as a stand-alone download, Ducktales has been making waves with long-forgotten childhood memories that are now resurfacing because the baby-boomers are dying off and children of the 80′s are growing up.  I heard them play Fine Young Cannibals on the oldies station the other day… and that made me feel old.  Then, I remembered how New Kids on the Block made a comeback a year ago.  The last time I remembered hating New Kids on the Block, I was 10 and they were in their mid-to-late teens.

This is the team that brings you the game.  Thank you, Wayforward!

If you’re too young to remember Ducktales, then you’re in for a treat.  Ducktales is a cartoon about an old codger who is left with three bastard grand nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, by a father who abandons his children, Donald Duck.  They travel the world in search of booty, as greedy Uncle Scrooge spends all his time trying to make himself richer.

The game, however, has you playing Uncle Scrooge McDuck.  You’re in an old-school NES platformer with a cane that makes you jump super high in several distinct worlds that harbor secret areas that allow you to collect bonus treasures that makes the experience that much more worthwhile.  Remember, when starting a level, always check to see if the wall behind you is hiding bonuses!

Wayforward Technologies has done a beautiful job in re-creating what’s left of your childhood, with enhanced gameplay and graphics that will only bridge the gap between you and your kids in a modern era.  This is how you can win your kids’ love after the divorce.  Welcome to adulthood.

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