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Asylum Jam Says Mental Illness In Video Games Is A Terrible Stereotype?

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 -

There is a new not-for-profit charity coming to the world, and it is Asylum Jam!

Crazy people the world over are rejoicing in the recognition of video games and other media outlets stigmatizing mental illness.  I didn’t even think this was a thing, and now that it’s a thing, a group of severely depressed people are now in therapy with a new thing to complain about.  As if life weren’t stressful enough, we now have people with mental illnesses becoming outraged over their portrayal in movies.

I have a mental illness.  I honestly don’t agree with their entire stance on the issue, but I do respect it.  I don’t really think there’s much of an issue here.

I think that there are good intentions, but some of my favorite games involve people in mental institutions fighting their own psychosis.  The Silent Hill franchise makes great use of this mechanic.  I honestly don’t feel stigmatized at all.  In fact, I really enjoy playing games where the main character has to battle his own mind for control of his actions.

Psychological horror has always been one of my favorite genres!  I don’t come to where you work and suck…

And, that was almost inappropriate…

Either way, Asylum Jam will get some of the world’s top developers together to make some great horror video games that don’t involve crazy people!  At least there will be some new horror games coming out of the woodwork.  I can’t complain!

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