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XBOX One Voice Recognition Technology Will Only Be Available in A Few Countries

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Saturday, August 31st, 2013 -

As Facebook becomes more intrusive on a persons’ privacy, so does Microsoft.

Voice recognition sounded cool in the movies.  You said something that triggered a response in a machine and that machine did what you wanted.  That sounds pretty awesome… except when you’re living in 2013 with a world that is completely interconnected with digital devices.  Then, that gets pretty scary.

Imagine your console being hacked by a guy in your driveway listening to you have sex with your online girlfriend while diddling his ding, ding, dong with Hall & Oates playing on the radio in order to drown out the sound of his misery!

“C’mon!  I need this!” is what I would say if caught in that position.  I mean, I would never…

According to a report by Eddie Makuch on Gamespot, voice recognition will only be available in 10 out of 13 regions, while the “XBOX on” voice command will only be available in 5,  This means nothing to me as I’m already in the United States where my rights are slowly being stripped away from me already, anyway.  I’m strangely comfortable with that.

However, if you’re in a Johannesburg favela and you really, really wanted to have your video game system turn on by saying, “Touch me, XBOX, in all the right places,” then you’re weird and you may not be able to do it.  It’s probably not available in your region!  You’re the reason!  Stop having creepy fantasies about XBOX-related erotica!

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