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EA Raises $10.5 Billion+ for Charity, Showcases Future of Video Games Distribution!

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 -

Yes, you read the title right.  EA raised over 10 billion dollars (that’s 9 zeroes) through their latest joint venture for Humble Bundle.

This is what the future can hold for digital distribution in the video games industry, and it’s a promising experiment that has been utilized in the best way possible time and time again!

Though charity drives and fundraisers have typically been used to raise money for great causes, what Humble Bundle and the like have shown us is that digital distribution is, perhaps, the direction where we should be heading.  Where fund raisers and bake sales were once typical avenues for solicitation, Humble Bundle has been able to streamline begging!

Thank you, Humble Bundle, for making us all feel good about the small amount of pittance offered for great games by people who typically don’t care!

Perhaps this is a sign of change, as EA has often struggled to promote their own distribution platform.  This is a great way for EA to cement a better reputation for their own company while selling the idea of downloading a separate application other than Valve’s Steam platform in order to get some great titles at an extremely great bargain!  As the games are already stored on the cloud, accessing those files means low overhead while providing games for a huge amount of people at bargain barrel prices!  The only real price they pay is for hardware maintenance and storage, which is evidence in the power and potential of cloud gaming.

I’m posing a quandary for all three of you still reading: Was Microsoft right in announcing their elimination of physical media in favor of digital distribution?

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