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Square-Enix is More Invested in Player Experience and Video Game Longevity

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 -

According to an article on Games Industry, Square-Enix is now looking at the possibility of building community and fan appreciation as a part of their new business model.

The company is now realizing that older licenses with disappointing launch cycles have growing fan bases that continue to purchase and support their favorite franchises.  The article shows us two glowing examples: Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause 2.  Both games failed to achieve the numbers necessary to build confidence in their respective licenses at launch, but are slowly building up a cult following years after their release.

This raises an interesting conundrum when the industry takes a look at projected figures to determine the success of new products.  Do those numbers really even matter in the long-term?

That is, if all we’re doing is focusing on the amount of sales during the launch cycle, how do we determine success?  In the case of the two games formerly mentioned above, at least, Square-Enix can rest assured knowing that their work will never go unappreciated.

Thank you Square-Enix for all you do in creating games your consumers will like!  Thank you for your compassion for your own older titles.

Square-Enix, you’re like Barbara Bush sitting in a room when former president George W. Bush, Jr. finds all the objects hidden in the back of an old Highlights magazine.  Small achievements can sometimes yield great rewards.

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