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New “Dragon’s Prophet” Trailer Shows Gameplay Footage…

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 -

Yes.  Gameplay footage.  Much like how people have already seen gameplay footage on other sites already.  It’s like they’re trying to debutPong for the first time in 2013.  Look!  Never before seen footage of this never before seen game!

Case in point.

That’s okay, though.  We’ll let that one slide as long as the game is fun and playable.  It’s looking like it might be a good contender as a role-playing game with strategy elements, according to gameplay footage shown in Sony’s “first look”.  They called it a “First Look”.

The game will allow you to shoot at enemies while mounting a dragon.  That’s right, you’ll be riding dragons, just like in the movie Avatar.

Also, siege weapons allow you to tear down castles like a stripper in community college tears down her own self-esteem.  It only hurts when you’re hurting yourself by sucking at the thing you want to achieve.  It’s a trouser snake called life…

Anywho, enjoy the video.  Bring some popcorn.  Make a night of it.

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