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“Dark Souls 2: The Forging of a Hero” Behind the Scenes Footage

Posted under Featured, and News by Justin Oung on Sunday, August 25th, 2013 -

Those who have played the original Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls can rest assured that this game will be just as challenging as its forefathers with a new Behind the Scenes look at Stephane of Armedia forging real-life Dark Souls armor.  With a distinguished English accent narrating each step in forging the plate mail, you know that this is authentic.  I mean, English people make things seem a lot more interesting.

I want an Englishman to narrate my life.  That would make life more fun, I think.

The original Dark Souls had its players pivot through dark castles and other breathtaking environments full of dragons, skeletons, ghosts, wolves, and other creepy crawlies all bent on your destruction.  Fighting a dragon was one helluva challenge, even with 4 player co-op.  You could form parties or take on the madness alone, but the game wouldn’t be easy.  You’ll die a lot in this game.

Dark Souls IIreleases in March 2014 in the US  and elsewhere, but no specific date has been officially announced.

Check out the gallery below for moreDark Souls II content:

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