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Command & Conquer Will Get a Campaign Mode After All

Posted under News by Ryan Matsunaga on Monday, August 19th, 2013 -

Command & Conquer (aka Generals 2) will feature a campaign mode add-on in 2014 as the result of fan feedback. The free-to-play Origin exclusive was previously set to launch with only multiplayer modes, a move that was obviously unpopular with a large segment of the C&C fanbase.

The first missions will follow the Asia-Pacific Alliance as it faces a world on the brink of war. You can register for the closed beta here.

The first Campaign Missions will follow the Asia-Pacific Alliance (APA), as they attempt to stabilize a world that once again teeters on the brink of war. Having sat comfortably as the world’s foremost geopolitical power for nearly a decade, the APA finds itself challenged on all fronts. The upstart European Union (EU), a high-tech, single-state entity with an increasingly expansionist agenda continues to flex her muscles, while a series of increasingly bloody uprisings have torn key APA and EU satellite nations asunder. Rumors point to a newly reconstituted Global Liberation Army (GLA) as the instigator, but witnesses have described technology far beyond the reach of any normal terrorist organization. Concerned, the APA dispatches an elite force to infiltrate the latest, most volatile rebellion, one targeting an EU backed dictator. Their mission – learn the truth about the GLA, undermine the EU and restore peace to the globe.

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