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Well, they didn’t exactly say that outright.  That’s more of a “I read between the lines” type of thing.

Also, I can make that statement because I’m a moron and an internet critic.  I speak for myself and as a representative of an elitist organization of people who write articles about video games and make snide remarks against the same people whose work they enjoy.  I’m honestly tired of it myself.  For all that is great about this industry, I only hope that the press begins to realize that there is a responsibility to what you decide to convey to the public.

Brian Crescente of Polygon has written an incredibly insightful article on the entire issue.

I, on the other hand, choose the lower road, and will crap on the people that make stupid decisions in their reporting practices with the following rant below:


Hating a game is one thing, but if a developer decides to give you the benefit of the doubt to review a game, then it’s a privilege.  You don’t have to say great things about it, but it doesn’t help to completely dismantle a piece of work which took years of development just because you didn’t feel like the storyline ended the way you would have liked (Dr. Greg Zeschuk leaving Bioware due to fan backlash from Mass Effect 3, as reported by Games Industry and Polygon), or because you didn’t like the person making the game (Phil Fish of indie game development fame for Fez leaving due to verbal attacks), etc.

It’s just a video game.  You got it for free.  You can make fun of it and say it sucks, but do it constructively.  Being a raving idiot about a game you played for free is like going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite soup, then spitting the soup in the waiter’s face and creating a mob to hang the cook from a tree just because the soup was too hot.

We play video games for work!  That’s a fun job that requires little to no skill!  All that is required from you is your acute sense of awareness and your ability to type and develop a reasonable opinion, so stop whining about it if all you have are ad hominem attacks or nothing exceptionally constructive to say besides “This game sucks!” or “I wish I could kill the guy that made such a crappy game!”  Seriously, who hired you to speak?!  I don’t want to murder the guy that hired you.  I want to murder your parents for having you!  What, do you smoke weed and write video game articles to fund your incredible sense of irresponsibility?  Is it wrong of me to blame the people that raised you?  Okay, then kill yourself.  You’re the reason why your life is in shambles.  Stop trying.  It hasn’t helped you in the past and it won’t help you now.

That took a dark turn for a moment, didn’t it?  Doesn’t feel good to read those words, does it?

To be fair, if you got a cup of soup and all it had were two noodles and tasted like the cook peed in it, then yeah, you should hang the jerk from a tree.  That seems like a perfectly reasonable overreaction.


I’m sorry, let me regain my composure…

The International Game Developers Association’s (IGDA) Lead Director, Kate Edwards, has confirmed that there will be emotional support for those who have to deal with the overwhelming backlash of a condescending mob with too many similar opinions.  Kate Edwards makes a great point in referencing George Lucas:

“If someone as successful as George Lucas, someone who has been arguably both creatively and financially successful, is basically hanging it up because he’s tired of hearing the negative feedback, that’s a pretty serious thing.  He is such a prominent person and to have him so publicly talk about that particular issue, it kind of resonates with a lot of people.”

You have to admit, though, Ms./Mrs. Edwards, that George Lucas made some pretty weird decisions when it came to the later installments of Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Seriously, did Jar Jar Binks have to be a rastafarian Jamaican?  Why not just put Al Jolson in blackface and have him eating a watermelon everytime Jar Jar slips on a banana peel?

There are two sides to every story.

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