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Crystal Dynamics Lays Off Team, Offers to Help Find Work Elsewhere

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 -

I suppose the economy is hurting us in all places.

Crystal Dynamics, the first developer on the flopping Phillips 3DO console and the team responsible for the great Legacy of Kain series and incredibly fun Gex, has laid off a small team of developers from their staff.  However, Kotaku reports that no one from the team working on the upcoming sequel to the Tomb Raider remake will be affected by the lay-offs.

In an official letter from Square/Enix, the company also leaves a contact e-mail for any other company that is currently looking for developers.  That’s a nice move!  I’m sure they really appreciated that.

We’ve made some decisions at Crystal Dynamics last week around the second project we’re working on, which has resulted in a small number of roles (roughly 12) becoming redundant as we re-scope the project. This doesn’t affect the Tomb Raider development team, who as confirmed last week are well into production on a next-generation sequel. We’re a close-knit team at Crystal and wouldn’t be making these changes if we didn’t feel it was absolutely necessary. We’ll help those affected as best we can and we want to thank them for their hard work and commitment. If anyone is looking for development talent, please contact:mtrout@crystald.com and we’ll put you in touch direct.

Now, that’s a great company to work with, isn’t it?

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