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“Guncraft” is Good!

Posted under Featured, and News, and Reviews by Justin Oung on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 -

If you take half of Mincecraft and combine it with half of Counterstrike, put them in a blender and mix them around, what you get is an awkward mix of elements that never really come together.  What you have is a game called Guncraft, by developers Exato Studios.

Much like the formerly mentioned Minecraft, Exato Studios’ Guncraft takes a few design elements and puts them into specific places.  There is an option to use the Forge from the main menu that allows players to create and submit weapons, costumes, and the like.  Also, a Level Designer gives users to create their own mayhem.   This enables users to create and control aspects of various maps within the game, which can be pretty fun if you’re into that sort of thing.

Also, if you enjoy PvP arena battles with military weaponry against an army of Lego clones, there is always fun to be had in doing that as well.  It’s not a terrible game, but it does get a little repetitive after awhile.  Guncraft is one of those games that’s really fun in short bursts, or long sessions of creativity.

However, unlike Minecraft, in-game design for weapons and costumes leave little to be desired.  Forging weaponry in the game is constructed out of colored blocks with no variation between shape or type, so if you wanted to create a gun that required a little bit more detail or thought, then you have to be extra creative with your limitations.  Also, crafting a gun has to be voted for acceptance by the community, which means that even if you created a gun that you wanted for your own use, you can’t have it unless others like the design.  Unfortunately, this makes it a little bit more difficult to actually want to play the game, as after I created a high impact cannon with amazing accuracy that created crosses in blocks, I soon realized that I couldn’t even get to carry it around with me.  It got rejected by others.  That was annoying.  I wanted to see my own cannon in action.

Though, I understand the need to keep people from carrying penis cannons in the Guncraft community, it’s still kind of annoying to me.

Combat in Guncraft consists of fun, futuristic military items like jetpacks and hookshots that enable you to propel long distances, as well as the usual cannons, pistols, and assault rifles that are found in everyday military shooters.  Snipers can carve their own nest high into a mountain and pick off users from a distance, which can be a pretty interesting strategy for anyone looking for a high kill count.

What makes the game difficult, though, is that it is hard to distinguish between the environment and other players as enemies.  Half the time, you’re not sure who you’re really shooting, so that wasted effort trying to kill someone on your team may lead someone else to kill you from an unseen angle.  The only way to distinguish yourself from other players is to notice the color above their head, which can be hidden behind environments on occasion.  As costumes are user created and integrated randomly, it creates a separate dynamic that can be, at times, unfulfilling.

I have yet to design my own level or explore some of the many features that are inherent in the game due to lack of time, so I may be biased in my own personal experience.  I do pick up the game from time to time, as it isn’t particularly terrible, and can be fun.  However, it’s also not the best shooter I’ve ever played either.

Being mediocre on both ends of the spectrum makes this a casual recommendation.  It is still possible to flex your creative muscles and explore the potential in this title.  I, unfortunately, do not have that kind of time, but I do recognize that this can be a lot of fun for some people.  If you were looking for Minecraft with guns, then feel free to take on this little gem.  Otherwise, just pass if you’re not into that sort of thing.  It is kind of a niche product.

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