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“Do Not Fall” on PSN is Pretty Awesome!!!

Posted under Featured, and News, and Reviews by Justin Oung on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 -

Do Not Fall, by Taiwanese developers XPEC Entertainment, is like that pretty girl in high school that you were too socially awkward to date, but then you do and you realize what makes her an amazing girl!  It’s all the little things about her that make her attractive, from the bright smile on her face she puts on even through all the hardship she’s facing, to the sarcasm and jokes she uses to convey her incredibly insightful thoughts and opinions.

Then, it’s your first time being intimate and her voice sounds like worn out box springs during intercourse.  It makes you think about the fun times you had jumping on the bed at 9.  How do you stay in the mood if being in bed with the woman you love reminds you of your childhood?  It’s like that creepy feeling you get when you grow older and it’s the first time that you realize that Pepe Le Pew never paid attention during sexual harassment training at work… and he’s immune to pepper spray.  He says pepper spray makes love spicy!

Do Not Fall is a top-down platformer that puts you in the shoes of a cute little bunny rabbit that has to run and jump around obstacles to collect keys and open doors in order to escape a rat maze.  Everything about this game is sugar-coated in high end, gorgeous, candy colored graphics, but this indie gem in a coal barrel manages to keep the pace with increasing difficulty at each new level!  The first level explains the basics while later levels challenge the player with limitations, forcing us to think and get creative in order to avoid obstacles.  A time limit encourages players to complete previous levels for a better letter grade, which adds a lot of replay value to a title that only sells for 10 bucks!

Also, each level starts with an obvious homage to Puzzle Bobble, where a disembodied voice screams, “Reeeeaaaaady… go!”  Having been raised on Taito’s Bubble Bobble and becoming a fan of Puzzle Bobble all through my teens, those words made me wax nostalgic about my loss of quarters.  I appreciated that.  It made me happy.

The game has these great challenging puzzles, but the lead character sounds like a squeaky toy that whines and cries a lot.  Some players may be annoyed by his voice, but it’s such a minimal issue that doesn’t really hurt the experience.  It’s like complaining about the helicopter noise that’s putting out the flames when your house is on fire.  It’s like a person who just got a papercut on their thumb and they’re reporting an on-site injury to Human Resources.  Stop complaining or stop existing!  The rest of the world prefers the latter to the former!


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