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[Review] Dusty Revenge is ALRIGHT!

Posted under News, and Reviews by Justin Oung on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 -

I call the main title image “Coming Out Shooting in Furry on Furry Action”.


Dusty Revenge, from developers PD Design Studio, is a pretty decent brawler.  It’s a solid platformer with some pretty impressive visuals, but level design is somewhat lackluster (there are some pretty interesting jumping puzzles here and there, but nothing really engaging or challenging).  There are plenty of enemies to bash and special combos that unlock at certain levels, and the game feels like a homage to Bad Dudes on the NES with updated controls and gameplay.

You play as furry animals in a Western setting, which has new connotations in this day and age.  I remembered watching Tiny Toon Adventures and Ducktales growing up and not having any weird sexual fantasies… until Gadget from Rescue Rangers.  *cough*Riiiiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaaaaa*cough*



Oh, 80′s references… you’ll never stop being funny until anytime after 1990.

So, Dusty Revenge, what have you to say for yourself?  Are you fun?  Are you worth the 9.99 sale price?

My answer is: probably.

It all depends on whether the developers have addressed all the bugs in the game, and if you like solid controls with slightly clunky gameplay.  Instead of providing you with control over 3 separate characters (denoting 3 separate campaigns, as was advertised on the game’s website), the game gives its supporting characters special powers that are ready available according to how many slots are full in your stamina bar.  Using the support characters powers also leaves your main character vulnerable to attack, which is pretty annoying if you’re really low on health. Also, there is a delay when Dusty gets knocked down that allows enemy characters to pummel you into a bloody pulp.  There are parts of the game that are near impossible at times when you have to deal with these game killing bugs, as is evidenced in the video below:

However, at $9.99, the game is worth the download.  It has a pretty fun story with likeable characters that starts with a horrible cliche (they murdered your wife and… yeah), but the game is really fun.  It’s like that B-movie that you rented because the cover looked interesting that you sorta’ like and don’t mind watching on cable TV on occasion.  In a pinch, it’s a short video game fix for your addiction.  That’s definitely worth the $5 or $10 download!

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