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ESA Spends More Money on Lobbying Than the NRA

Posted under News, and Reviews by Justin Oung on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 -

Politics, anyone?  The Entertainment Software Association spends more money on lobbying for political backing than the National Rifle Association.

The ESA spent just under $4.83 million dollars in 2012, as opposed to the NRA’s budget of $2.98 million, according to an article on Games Industry International.

It is true that you can falsify numbers in order to skew opinion, and much can be said about the both organizations and their political backing.  According to an interview with Richard J. Feldman, former NRA political director and current president of the National Rifle Owners Association:

“You can report everything you do as lobbying, but the requirement to do so is much more limited,  If you send money or have a flier urging support of, say, Senate Bill 25, it’s lobbying. If you send fliers talking about the issue but not the specific bill, it’s not lobbying… So I might think I’m lobbying. You might think I’m lobbying. But I’m not required to report it unless I’m lobbying for specific legislation.”

I’ve only scratched the surface on what is discussed in the article.

You can read more about how political legislation can be lied about here.  It’s an interesting read.

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