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[GD at AX 2013] The AX Gaming Room

Posted under Featured, and News by Adam Bruno on Monday, July 8th, 2013 -

That’s right. That’s motherfuckin’ Goldeneye right there. For the Nintendo 64. They also had the original Street Fighter II cartridges. All things considered, that part of the gaming room was pretty badass. However, it wasn’t the only part. Here’s what the Anime Expo game room had to offer!

The game room was actually a large empty conference hall, and was divided into four sections: console gaming, PC gaming, the arcade, and tabletop gaming. Let’s go in ascending order of awesomeness, shall we?

Arcade: Let me start by describing this spectacle in two words: it sucked. Like, harder than that time you got your balls caught in the dust buster at your grandmother’s 90th birthday. Oh right, that was me. Moving on, about a third or so of the consoles weren’t even powered on, whether because they weren’t working or the sprites inside them had abandoned ship Wreck-It Ralph style and they didn’t want anyone to know. Of those two thirds that actually worked, they were primarily dancing and rhythm games or shooting games, with a retro title thrown in for good measure. And it was small and rather haphazardly set up. Things like that work for tabletop gaming, but walking into the arcade area with its relatively few games just seemed really off to me.

Tabletop Gaming: Ah, finally an excuse to mention tabletop gaming on a video game site. Eat that, Chris! The tabletop gaming section didn’t really have any frills, but it didn’t need them. People could bring their own card games, board games, or other tabletop games, or they could check out games like Munchkin and the like by leaving their badge as collateral. All things considered, a very good time.

PC Gaming: Starcraft, as far as the eye could see. The first one, mind you. And, of all the sections of the gaming room, this was the most packed. It was glorious, reminding me of the days of yore when I was shipped off to Korea to work in their Starcraft boot camp. I still have the switchmarks from the foreman, and the rune of the Xel’naga branded as a tramp-stamp.

Console Gaming: Last, but certainly not least, and narrowly edging ahead of the PC gaming section for sheer nostalgia value, was the console gaming area. First, there was Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and several other fighting games. Also, Goldeneye if the above pic is any indication. However, the most iconic was Street Fighter II, in a retro-equipped console, though as previously stated, it was the original SNES cartridge. It’s worth noting that playing that again when you’re used to the more intuitive Street Fighter Alpha or Super Street Fighter IV controls is a bit of a jarring experience.

And so, there was Anime Expo’s gaming room in a nutshell. More from other writers about the various games in the Exhibit Hall and other events.


Source: Anime Expo. Duh!

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