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Zynga Manager at China Studio is Another in a Long Line of Executives to Jump Ship

Posted under News by Justin Oung on Monday, June 24th, 2013 -

Facing a slew of losses in recent months, including company wide lay-offs and plummeting stock prices, Zynga is hanging on for dear life.  Andy Tian, head of Zynga’s Beijing, China operations has recently announced that he will be leaving the company, only adding fire to the fuel of rumors that Zynga will be shutting its doors running rampant in a company already losing revenue from bored girlfriends and distraught mothers who have since found better hobbies.  Apparently, paying an extra ten bucks for digital watermelon seeds on a farm that doesn’t exist isn’t exactly a sustainable medium.

Since Tian’s departure, Zynga’s stock prices have dropped down to nearly under two dollars per share, meaning that anyone holding a huge amount of Zynga stock will be pleased to know that Walmart needs experienced greeters.  Honestly, after hearing this news and holding Zynga stock, I have to fake smiles all day just to keep up appearances before my eventual leap from a rooftop.  It’s a fitting metaphor.  It’s almost poetic.

Andy Tian is just one in a long line of executives who have since realized that social media games really aren’t the wave of the future.  Is this a sign that the video games industry is taking a good, hard look inward in order to figure itself out like David Caruso after CSI: Miami?  What will bored girls do for 15 minutes while waiting for a shake and fries?  WHAT WILL THEY DO WITH THAT TIME?!?!?!!!

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