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Gung Ho! Entertainment are collaborating with Clash of Clans Supercell Games to bring a top-selling Japanese strategy/puzzle/RPG to Western shores withPuzzle & Dragons!  This old-school dungeon crawler allows its players to capture and collect various monstersPokemon style while navigating expansive landscapes on mobile platforms, so those looking to get an Iphone or an Ouya should be able to find this on the list of titles available for their platform.

Puzzles are similar to those of Puzzle Quest or Bejeweled, except for the ability to actually move jewels a lot more freely, where you’re actually able to create your own personal chain reactions in order to deal more damage to the enemies, which is actually really inventive.  RPG elements are similar to games like Final Fantasy 7, except that this title is a little more dungeon-crawl oriented.  Movement is relegated to an FPS style through an actual dungeon, much like the classic game Catacombs from a bygone era.

Supercell, the developers for the extremely popular Ios game Clash of Clans, are planning to roll out CoC themed dungeons and monsters.  Players will be able to level up their Barbarian, Healer, Goblin, Archer, Dragon and their pet tank P.E.K.K.A. through dozens of specially made dungeons designed with CoC players in mind.  Being a fan of both franchises means plenty of surprises for a nerd like me, and I’m pretty excited to see what these guys can roll out!

My inner anime and Pokemon geek is getting a boner for this title.

I’m really interested in trying this one out, editors!  Anybody feel like getting me a key for this game?  Anyone?


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