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Chrono Blade is One Game to Look Out for on Ouya and PC!!

Posted under Featured, and News by Justin Oung on Monday, June 17th, 2013 -

Open Beta sign-ups can be found here!  Free contests and prizes announced periodically on Facebook here!

If you weren’t hanging out at Ouya park by the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 2013, then you missed quite a bit of awesomeness this year!  They had food trucks… and free water… and free beer… and free beer… (zombie… zombie… zombie-eee-eee-eee!!!) and a video games demo showcase for new  titles available on the upcoming Ouya console.

Look!  She’s so pretty!

Chrono Blade by developers nWay was one of the bigger and badder free-to-play games on display at the Ouya showcase, and it was the one game that blew most of the others out of the water.  With the Android platform becoming the new norm, and hardware on smaller handheld devices getting stronger every year, video game developers are looking at mobile game builds as the cheaper alternative to bending over backwards for stock holders (and by stock, I mean penis).  The developers for nWay’s new title gave me (and everyone else there) access to the closed beta for the game, which is a pretty smart move in helping to build a larger, more loyal fanbase for the upcoming title.

Another trailer with links to Open Beta sign-ups!

nWay’s game plays a little like a Tolkien-esque Double Dragon with undead warriors, but updated with a fight mechanic as deep as Mortal Kombat and controls that are about as simple to learn and utilize as the original NES controller.  On the PC, browser enabled flash version of the game, movement is tied to the arrow keys, jump is junctioned to your spacebar, and the letters A, S, and D represent block, strong attack, and weak attack respectively.

Also, pressing or holding down buttons can trigger a series of different fight combinations.  For instance, pressing D, D, then S after unlocking the move allows your character to send your enemies flying into the air for a juggle attack that will help you max out your combos, as higher combos equate to higher scores.  The incentive for maxed out combos is a higher grade at the end of each stage, which will determine the type of loot that you’ll receive.  Long chains will equate to better loot, and with three different difficulty modes per stage, loot is abundant and always readily available.

Even in closed beta, the new free-to-play Chrono Blade is looking pretty sweet.  You can either sign up for beta testing or look for it on Android and PC sometime this year!

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